Our Story…

My DH and I met on Nov. 9th, 2010 after a couple of months of emailing back and forth through Match.com.  My Dad had just passed away in August and I like to think that he went up and helped God hand pick him for me.  🙂  We were married almost exactly 2 years later on Nov. 3rd, 2012, but our journey to conceive started a year earlier.  As soon as we were sure that we were a forever couple, we started trying to conceive.  We met when I was already well on my way to Mid-30’s (that dreaded age of 35 when all of a sudden you become a high risk pregnancy) and knew that both of our greatest desire was to have a family.  I had always had a bad feeling that getting pregnant was going to be difficult for me and I either jinxed myself or I was right because it has been.  We waited til we were married and had health insurance to see a fertility specialist.  He did an HSG and my tubes were open however, my cervix opening is very small and he had to dilate the cervix just to get the tube in to insert the dye.  Painful to say the least.  They found a few small polyps, one of which I had removed in April of 13′ and a slightly heart shaped uterus.  Other than that, lack of cervical fluid seems to be our other problem.  We attempted an IUI in June with no luck.  We did the trigger shot on Monday night with the IUI Wednesday morning.  DH’s numbers weren’t even close to as good as they’d been back at the end of Dec. 12′ and I didn’t feel anything remotely close to ovulation until Friday.  Plus, I only produced 1 egg on the letrozole and I do that on my own every month.  Needless to say, I was a little frustrated.  July and August didn’t work out with our RE having a lot of vacation time and then I moved my in home daycare from the town I lived in before we were married to our house 30 miles away.  Had to start all over and took a drastic pay cut so then we just didn’t have any money to do anything.  Looking forward to being Proactive again!!!

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