Coming at it from all angles….

Infertility…it bites!  What bites even more is being in limbo.  Knowing that you’re infertile but not having the finances to really do anything about it.  Well, we have decided, finances be damned.  We are going after our greatest desire from every angle we can.  I am not getting any younger.  I just turned 37 last week and if we have to resort to IVF, our chances of succeeding just go down with each year.  DH and I have begun using Young Living Essential Oils to bring our hormones into balance, we have an appt. with a new Fertility Specialist next Tuesday that will hopefully listen to me a little more than the old one (after all, it is my body), we are going to have a consultation with an acupuncturist (just waiting for her to call back to set up appt.) and we’re meeting with an adoption agency on April 2nd.  One way or another, we know that God will Bless us with a baby.  In the mean time, we’re enjoying our time just the two of us, enjoying sleeping in and are taking a month off together this summer to do some traveling.  We know that we will never have $15,000 sitting around to do adoption or IVF so when the time comes, we will either take out a loan, fundraise on, apply for grants and scholarships or possible have to do all 3!!  We have been in limbo since July of 13′ so it feels GREAT to finally be proactive again.