Caution: Venting Ahead

As Infertiles, we endure pregnancy announcements constantly (or at least it feels like it).  If it’s not people we actually know, it’s celebrities.  Not once, but twice now, 2 of DH’s cousins (well 1 cousin and 1 cousin’s fiancé) have become pregnant in the last year and a half since we’ve gotten married.  Mind you, we’ve been ttc since before we got married (about 2 1/2 years).  Now, it hurts whenever someone I know or even if I don’t actually know them announces their pregnancy, but when it’s family that doesn’t even have the means to take care of the children they have, and they don’t bother to take precautions to not have more, it just pisses me off!!!  Like in a, if I had to actually see them in person I may rip their heads off, way.  Not only are we spending a fortune and going into debt just trying to get pregnant, but our hard earned dollars are also paying for their kids that they can’t afford!!  I am all about helping out those less fortunate, but when they don’t even attempt to stop pregnancies or better their lives so that they aren’t on Badgercare, WIC and foodstamps then let me have my damn money back for letrozole, follistim and IUI’s!  And I have to endure this woman’s wedding in a few weeks.  I already don’t like her because of some things she’s done to DH’s Aunt but DH didn’t feel like he could say no to be in the wedding.  It’s just so frustrating, especially while being stuck in the 2ww.  God, please grant me the ability to keep my mouth shut!

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