Have you ever felt like you completely belong in 2 different places?  Unfortunately, my 2 different places are 18 hours apart.  We have had an Amazing 9 or so days here.  It has been filled with laughter, friends, love and wonderful food.  If it wasn’t for my family, J and I would move out here in a heart beat if he found a teaching job here.  Just for the fun of it, we’ve been looking at jobs and houses online.  Daniel has been begging us to move back out here and it’s hard to resist his adorableness.

So far we have eaten at most of my favorite places at least once if not twice ( I didn’t make it out last summer so I had to make up for missing all my favorite food last year).  Rode our bikes to the beach (and then lost our bikes and bike rack off the back of the truck on our way to Newport, RI  on Saturday, oops), celebrated Halle’s 21st Birthday at 21 Club in NYC last Saturday, went into NYC last Monday, celebrated Justin’s 24th Birthday on Tuesday, had a reception at the Lucas’ Wednesday night so all the kid’s and I’s friends could come and see us at once, laid on a raft in the pool (a lot), gotten together with friends I haven’t seen in years, gotten a mani and pedi, went to port this past Saturday, hung out with my Best Friend (although we didn’t get nearly enough time together) and hung out with my kiddos (even though only 1 of them can still actually be defined as a kid).  

Oh and more BDing then we’ve done in a long while, especially with J being out of town and then my surgery.  Per hubby’s request, I did not do OPK’s this month but I did use the soft cups.  It was very nice to be able to just hop up and go and not have to lay around for 30 minutes.  I’m quite sure I ovulated sometime Sat into Sunday.  I started feeling twinges on my left side Saturday evening and had a lot of pain all day yesterday.  Today was much better.  Here’s hoping this “vacation and relaxing” works.  🙂

I will do a post with some pics from the last week or so.  I tried inserting them here and it just goes right in the middle of my paragraphs.  I’m not the best blogger out there…that’s for sure.



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