There is just something about decluttering the house that makes me feel like I’m getting a fresh start.    It’s not totally decluttered, but we’ve gotten a good start.  The best part…I got some quality time in with my Mama.  🙂

Let me start at the beginning…it’s rummage sale time.  🙂  I have fond memories of my Mom’s rummage sales when I was kid.  They were always a fun time where I usually sold lemonade and brownies.  As an adult, they’re still fun…but man is getting ready for them a bitch, lol.  So, J and I started finding all sorts of stuff in the basement and garage to sell on top of what I had already had set aside months ago.  My Sister has 5 kids so she usually has quite a bit in the sale and she’d have a heck of lot more if she could find time to actually go through her house (she’s a bit of a pack rat).  And then my poor Mom always does the most work (because it’s usually at her house) and always has the least amount of stuff in there.

So, I took a load over there (about 30 min. away) Thursday and then J and I each had the truck and our car full for loads to go yesterday.  J came back home to hang with Rocky and I spent the night at Mom’s.  1 am and several mosquito bites later, we finally went to bed.  5:30am we were up and finishing what it was too dark to get done the night before.  My favorite thing about rummage sales is spending time with my family.  It’s usually Mom, my Aunt, my Sister and I…this year, my Aunt was going out of town and my Sister was with us last night and then just a couple hours this morning before having to volunteer with her daughter for Christian Youth in Action.  

Although we missed them, I did love the time with my Mom and also got to hang with the nieces and nephews.  Quite a bit of J and I’s stuff sold and we made a decent profit, the rest is either getting put on the local buy and sell sites or it stayed at Mom’s because tomorrow we’re opening up the majority of stuff to the public to take and donate what they can to “Family Promise of Monroe County”.

I don’t know if any of you know about Family Promise, but it’s a national program that works with homeless families to turn their lives around.  It came to our attention in 2011 (I think) that there were 92 homeless kids in my hometown.  We decided something needed to be done so my Sister did some research, found Family Promise and we’ve been working on getting the program started in our county ever since.  It’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time, but we are hoping and praying to be open by Jan. 1st or at the very least have the end in sight.  It is so, so needed in our area.

Back to my original thought when I started this…decluttering feels like a fresh start and Monday will start my fresh start on getting back into running.  We’re also a week in to a new cycle.  I’m praying things have settled down a little more in there since my surgery and my typical mid cycle cramps will start to go away.  And of course praying this natural cycle works but I also know that more than likely we’ll head back to IUI’s after this month.  I hope all is well with you Ladies.  I think about you all often and always look forward to your posts to see what’s happening in your world.  I don’t think I’d be able to get through this as well I do without you!!  


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