Beautiful Weekend!

We’ve just had the most relaxing weekend we’ve had at home in a long time!  We had no scheduled plans with anyone else for once and it was a beautiful thing.  The weather in WI has finally reached the point of hot with a little humidity.  It was so nice because we got to go out on the boat after I got off work on Friday and I did not have to bundle up for once!  We invited E to come with us and she seemed to enjoy it, plus it didn’t turn into the usual counseling session that tends to happen when she’s hanging out with us.  

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then got up and went to a State park about 45 min away for another day of boating.  It was heavenly.  I laid on my lawn chair reading and tanning all day long.  We did a little fishing, but other than a few bites on my line, we got nothing.  It was so wonderful to just have a day with J.  It seems like we haven’t had much time together at all since we got back.  Last night, a recently single buddy of his came over with 2 of his kids.  He’s been here at least once a week for the past month and although I like him, J always drinks more than I’d like him to when he’s here.  Hopefully, he doesn’t stay single for too long, lol.  I also told J that if this natural cycle doesn’t work and we have to go back to doing IUI’s, he needs to give up drinking.  We don’t fight too often, but when we do, it’s either because he’s drinking or over his drinking.  Luckily, it’s not all the time, especially during the school year.  Living in WI, just about everything you do involves people drinking so if you like to drink and you suck at standing up to peer pressure, it’s not a good thing.  

This morning we got up and headed to my old church in my hometown to do nursery.  My Sister is Children’s ministry director there and one of my old daycare kiddos was still in the nursery this last year so we volunteer once a month there.  This was probably our last time though since we’re starting to get more involved in our current church.  We came home and I met with a prospective daycare parent.  Then went out for breakfast and came back and took a nap.  J and Rocky went and did some errands and he took Rocky to the lake for a much needed swim and I went and got the grocery shopping done.  It really was a much needed, wonderfully relaxing, beautiful weekend!

Oh, and there was spontaneous non baby making sex!!!  😉  Yep, perfect weekend!

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