I’ve had a couple of vivid dreams this past week and J had a very scary one the other night too.  My first one I’m going to wait until a post on Thursday to address but last night’s was clearly pointing to an upcoming event.

J and I are keeping his Cousin’s 3 girls for 5 nights starting on Saturday.  Now his cousin and his wife are more like a Brother and Sister to us then Cousins.  Chad was J’s Best Man and Jessie made our wedding cake.  Their oldest daughter sang during our wedding ceremony and we just love and adore them all!  The girls are 12, 5 and 1 1/2.  Now, if it was just the 5 and 12 yr old, I would have no anxiety.  And honestly, doing daycare all my life, you would think I wouldn’t be so anxious but Sadie is a mama’s girl and Jessie is a stay at home Mom so she’s not used to being left with strangers.

So I dreamt last night that I wasn’t watching her close enough and she got into the kitty litter box and was eating the kitty litter.  Talk about gross!!!  I know this isn’t going to happen, she won’t even be near the litter box, but clearly I’m nervous about how this is going to go down.  I really hope since her big sister’s will be here too, we won’t have any problems but I foresee it being a long week.  

Wish us luck next week, lol!



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