CD 1 of the 34th cycle

Started spotting late afternoon yesterday and luckily didn’t get full flow til today since my RE is only open in the mornings on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays.  If I call first thing tomorrow I will hopefully be able to get the follistim overnighted in time for day 3.  

The last few cycles, I’ve hardened my heart and haven’t cried when AF has shown her ugly head, this cycle a few tears came.  Not many, because we have 3 nieces staying with us this week and I got it right before we were leaving to go to a festival, but a few.  I was really hoping surgery would do it for us and we wouldn’t have to waste any more money that we don’t actually have on treatments.    

My SIL’s best friend is apparently trying to adopt her ex SIL’s baby.  She got pregnant by some guy and then got back together with her ex baby daddy and they didn’t want the baby because it’s not his DNA (SERIOUSLY)!!!  She gave my SIL’s friend legal guardianship.  Now this friend doesn’t even have a home right now (I think she’s living with her Mom or staying with a friend) and she took 8 weeks maternity leave and now has no income coming in to take care of this 7 week old boy.  But she wanted my SIL to babysit last night so she could take the $20 she did have and go out to the bars.  REALLY?!  I hope and pray the State of WI is smart enough to not let this woman adopt a baby.  It breaks my heart, both for the baby and for J and I would have loved to adopt this little boy and give him unconditional love and a stable home.

Heavy heart today Peeps, heavy heart.


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