CD3 ultrasound

Can you believe that I’ve never had to do a cd 3 ultrasound before?!  I always read about everyone else doing cd3 ultrasounds and blood work and I haven’t had to do either for any of my previous 3 IUI’s. 

This will hopefully by lucky #4.  🙂  Fingers and toes crossed and from my lips to God’s ears!  Right now protocol is 75iu’s of Follistim cd3-?.  I will go back in on Monday to check and see if we need to up the dosage or scale back.  As much as the cost of straight injectable sucks, I really hope that between this and surgery, it does the trick.  

This cycle is going on the credit card.  J HATES credit card debt…I know that most people don’t enjoy it but it seriously puts him in a funk.  I, on the other hand, don’t really sweat it as long as we can pay our bills each month with a little leftover.  It is probably our biggest difference.  Of course, he’s more laid back in almost every other area of our life, whereas I like to know what’s going to happen, I like to plan and I like to be on time.

So that’s it…the new cycle has started.  First dose has been injected.

Oh, and this is what I have learned this week…Motherhood is exhausting!!!  3 girls…13, 5 and 18 months…amazingly enough, I’m still getting to bed about the same time and Sadie is sleeping through the night (Thank God), but I am pooped!  I sure hope I have the energy for actual Motherhood when it comes!  Hope all is well with you all and again, please let me know if you’d like to be on my list to send happy/encouragement mail to.  🙂


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