Wisdom has left my mouth (along with a molar)

Ladies…if there’s one thing I can recommend NOT to do doing your 2ww…it’s getting 2 teeth pulled.

At the end of this last school year, J convinced me I should really go in and get my teeth cleaned since we now have dental insurance.  J is religious about getting his 6 month cleanings done where as I have not been to the dentist since we very first started dating almost 4 years ago and has to get my top and bottom right wisdom teeth removed which resulted in dry sockets.  I was on vicodin for at least a month and it was just awful.

See post here about what led up to yesterday’s teeth pulling.  Needless to say, my thieves didn’t work, although, I think if I had started using it as soon as I realized the pain from the filling wasn’t going away, it would have.  Either way, I was already supposed to get my wisdom tooth out on 29th ( I had already cleared this with my RE) but the molar moved it up to yesterday.  Now, I absolutely hate having to take tylenol even when I’m not in a 2ww. Not wanting to put all the toxins of OTC and prescription drugs into my body is THE reason I got into Young Living.  Now I’ve been having to take it every 4-6 hours for the last almost 2 weeks and I absolutely hate the effect it could be having on my potential little bean.

I am of course worried about dry sockets.  A blood clot pulled out on both sides last night and I’m just praying they clotted up again.  I applied ice every 10 minutes last night like they said and have only drank from a cup and eaten soft foods (good way to be pushed into eating a little healthier).  I’ve swished 3 times so far today with a drop of thieves in water and have been applying moist heat as often as possible while running after three 1 year olds.   My right side that was giving me all the pain before the surgery hasn’t hurt at all, but my left side definitely does.  That was the wisdom tooth and they had to dig deep.  It was sideways and impacted (or is that the same thing, lol).

Anyways, that is my advice for the day…do everything you can to avoid wisdom teeth being removed during the 2ww.  Hope you all are doing well!!!



6 thoughts on “Wisdom has left my mouth (along with a molar)

  1. Thank you and I’m thankful you don’t have to either! I can deal with the pain I’m having now…I’m just so freaked out about having to go through that dry socket pain again that I’m a little anxiety ridden right now, lol.

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