This is what I just posted as my status on Facebook:

You think kids are expensive after you have them…you should see how expensive it is trying to get pregnant when the good old fashioned way doesn’t work. So frustrated right now. Thank your lucky stars and God if you didn’t have to spend money just to get pregnant and love and appreciate that gift from God each and every day.

I have shared articles and things about infertility on there before, but that is the first time I said something directly pertaining to me.  I’m just so frustrated that we will probably have to choose between IVF and Adoption because we can’t afford to do both.  Hell, who I am kidding…we can’t really afford to do even one of them.

7 thoughts on “Ummmm……

  1. I always say that God won’t lead you down a path and not provide so if IVF or adoption is the route He wants ya to take, then He will provide you with everything you need to make it happen. Praying for you sugars! Xoxo

  2. Thank you Ladies!! I do need to just keep having Faith but sometimes, it wavers on me. So happy to have you all in my life, knowing what I’m going through and providing encouragement. Thank you for helping to give me strength on the tough days!!!

  3. I know just how you feel. When people say “just adopt” I just want to whack them! As if that’s just so easy after we’ve spent every sent on treatments to have a baby with our eyes and our husbands nose. It’s devastating how expensive it is. I really don’t understand it. Children need homes but the cost makes it impossible for so many. One private agency we talked with, $25,000. Another $15,000-$20,000. I was in total shock. It doesn’t seem right, at all.

  4. Yep, for us, one round of IVF and adoption through the agency we would use would both cost about $16,000. Right now, we’re leaning towards adoption because even though it may take a while, at least we would end up with a baby at some point. I just hate the choice to pursue IVF is basically taken away. Although I did start looking up grants and may try applying for some of those. I just need to have faith that God will provide and help J to relax a little when it comes to money. I’m more willing to go FAR into debt to to do this then he is. He HATES having any credit card balances whereas I’m happy if I have no problems making the payments and have plenty of room left on them. I lived so many years with my cards maxed out that our financial position now seems fantastic to me. He’s the opposite, lol.

  5. I know that it is really awful having to pay for treatments when having a baby should just come free and without a thought but somehow God just worked it all out beautifully so that we could do TWO rounds of IVF when we could barely afford one round using a grant and saving up for almost a year. I hope that it is also the case for you that God will provide so that you are able to finally have your little bundle of love. 🙂

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