Ladies…it has been a couple of busy, busy days around here!  I’m even behind on reading all your blogs and I usually stay pretty up to date with that.

So, Saturday started seriously bad…but then, J came home from the benefit he was at and we took the boat out on the Mississippi.  We’re not going to have many more days that we’ll be able to do that before we have to get it stored.  It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed tooling around on the river.  We grabbed a couple of movies from Redbox when we got off the river and picked up chinese food for a late dinner.  It was the perfect ending to a not so great day.  Sunday, J spent the morning working on lesson plans while I put together some bar stools for the island that I bought on Black Friday…that’s right people…they were bought on Black Friday and I just put them together (even worse…we bought carpet on Black Friday 2 years ago and we still haven’t gotten one of the rooms done, lol).  We went to lunch at this great bbq place in town and  J finished baby proofing the deck for me…I’ll have to post pics of it some time.  The rest of the night was spent cleaning and getting ready for work to start again yesterday.

Yesterday I had all 4 babies (well, I guess 3 out of the 4 are toddling now) and had to get ready to host a bbq for some of J’s family.  His cousin and his wife are in town from SC so we had a few people over last night so they could see more than one family at a time.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous but my day flew by getting food ready for it.  My day was also completely made yesterday when some snail mail arrived!  Thank you so much Elisha at Waiting For Baby Bird!!!  I know many of you already follow Elisha, but if you don’t…I suggest checking out her blog.  It’s completely inspirational, full of humor and raw honesty.

I’ve gotten the babies on a schedule now and they nap at the same time (in the SAME room!!!!)!   So I finally started to be able to get some of my own snail mail out today and trying to de-clutter the office.  It’s another beautiful day so we took a walk to the post office and got to watch J for a minute teaching his 6th graders about flag football.  I LOVE watching him work and coach….he is so, so good with kids which is why I feel so terrible that he’s not a Daddy yet.

Well, off to take advantage of sleeping babies while I can!  Hope you’re all having a great week!



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