This Is What I should Have Done This Morning….

Called in sick and gone back to bed.  Period.

This is how my morning started out.  After spending most of the night not sleeping, I finally fell asleep sometime after 2am and woke up right before my alarm went off bawling because I was dreaming that my Mom had died (This is by far my worst nightmare).  Alarm went off and I hit snooze…about 7 min later at 6:37, the dog starts barking like crazy.  Takes me a minute to remember that my new kiddo comes at 6:45 on Thursdays (I normally open at 7am).  They didn’t need to come that early last week so this is the first Thursday since she started.  Jumped out of bed and threw on sweats and a t-shirt and go open the door with I’m sure were red, puffy eyes from waking up crying.

A little while later I go to wash my hands and there was some old soap at the end that I didn’t notice that was kind of gummy so when I went to squirt it into my hand, it shot straight out and went directly into my right eye.  I make my own soap and put Thieves oil in it because it kills only bad bacteria and leaves the good stuff alone.  Great for germs, not great for my eye because it is what we call a “hot” oil.  Eye is burning and I can’t open it, not thinking (at all), I start to flush it with water.  Water makes it worse (And I did know this, just wasn’t thinking) so I grab the olive oil and start rubbing that over my eye and eventually start to get it flushed out so I can at least open it a little.  Within a half hour or so it was still a little red but felt fine.  Yep…should have gone back to bed.

However, that is not the end of my crappy luck today.  Both girls are crying a lot today…E is still adjusting but was getting better and C has been teething or at least that’s all we thought it was.  J comes home from lunch and the girls are just a crying while I’m trying to get lunch ready.  J puts all the babies in the high chairs for me and gives the cheerios and C just starts screaming.  J went over there and says “Ah Honey, I think she has hand, foot and mouth disease”.  Sure enough, little bumps all over her feet and hands.  Call her Mom and she gets picked about about an hour later finally.  In the meantime, I dilute some Thieves because it kills viruses and rub it on her and the rest of the kids and J and I apply it need to our feet too (really, really hoping no one else gets it).  Grab the toys that on the floor to disinfect (it’s going to be a night of cleaning) and the next thing I know, glass is breaking.  C dropped her bottle on the floor from the her high chair and all the kids are fussing (apparently, broccoli is not their favorite veggie, lol).  Get everyone but C cleaned up and put them in the living room with the gate closed along with the dog and find a broom to sweep up the glass.  And still waiting for C to get picked up.

Finally, I put the rest of the kids down for naps, C gets picked up and I have a moment to breath.  Just a moment though because my kitchen is a disaster right now and I need to get it cleaned up before the kids wake up.  Yep…should have gone back to bed this morning, lol.  I hope everyone else’s days are going better than mine has been!



4 thoughts on “This Is What I should Have Done This Morning….

  1. Oh girl! I wish you could see my face while reading this. Yikes!! Props to you!! I have spent the day in bed…I think I have the flu bug or something. My stomach doesn’t hurt but I have decided the bathroom is too far away from my bed if you can catch my drift…

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