AMH Results Are In

And Drumroll please…………….1.5

According to the letter (and Dr. Google because of course I had to look it up myself), this is the normal or acceptable range for a  37 yr old woman.

So where does that leave us?  Honestly, I have no idea.  I think we will still pick adoption over trying IVF unless the Lord provides the funds to both without us majorly going into debt.  When I asked J his thoughts when he was home for lunch, he said, “It’s Tuesday after, I don’t want to think about it.”  Or maybe he said talk about it, either way, I’m not getting his thoughts on the subject at this time.  To be fair, he did have to head back to school and deal with middle schoolers and his 7th grade football team has an away game tonight so I probably shouldn’t have even brought it up.  I need to work on my timing, lol.

Do any of you have any thoughts or advice for me on this number?  Any success stories at this number and age?


15 thoughts on “AMH Results Are In

  1. I so wish I had something insightful to say, but I don’t. Instead, I could try the line of give it time and your right answer will come to you. But i hate to say that, because really, haven’t we all given this infertility ride enough time already?!
    So, how about I just say, I hope you and J are able to talk about it and come to peace with whatever you decide, whenever you decide it. 🙂

  2. My AMH was .8 and IVF brought me my healthy little son ( third try). My twin sister had an AMH of .7 and she has twins ( fourth try). We are both 34. I recommend that if you decide to try IVF you do risk sharing package of up to 3 tries. A lot of people decide to ‘try IVF once’ when in reality it takes one or two cycles to really get the right protocol and have better odds ( always exceptions to this rule). We took out a loan but obviously so worth the monthly payments because it worked. Only you know what is the right path for you but thought I would share my story.

  3. I wish I had something for ya but I don’t :/. Just keep seeking Gods direction and know that He did not create us to be sick and unable to multiply so don’t lose hope. I am not saying don’t seek adoption because adoption is seriously amazing but also don’t stop believing in your healing either :). Hugs! Xo

  4. I promise, I won’t. I’ve been reading the books you sent and they are amazing!! We had actually always planned on adopting someday, but our original plan was an older child so the plan is just changing a little for now. 🙂 I’ve been boldly asking God to heal me every day and J and I are starting our couple’s devotion book again and making sure we pray together before bed.

  5. I honestly have no idea about the number, and couldn’t even take a guess as to what to say. I will say that my wish for you is to go with what is best for you and yours. Take some time (I know how precious even a month is) and make the best decision for you.

  6. There are 2 ways to measure AMH results (pmol/L OR ng/mL) my test results were in pmol/L: first test was 2pmol/L and the second 8pmol/Land I am 32(Low end for my age)-on the IVF Australia website there is a scale which explains your age and results in pmol/L. Since this is a relatively new test there are still some concerns with how accurate it is especially since it does not tell you the quality of your eggs only the quantity compared to other women your age. Here is another site that provides a good explanation I was devastated when I found out my results and felt like I had ‘no time’ left, but now I try not to let this one test dictate my future. You have to do what you feel is the right thing to do regardless of the results. Let me know if you have any questions about AMH, happy to help if I can!

    • Thank you so much for that information…I will check those sites out. Mine was measured in the ng/mL way. At the appt. the RE kind of made it sound like I have a very low amount of eggs so I was happy to see that I was at least in the normal range for my age. It makes me feel better about continuing to try naturally also after we’re done with treatments. 🙂

  7. I’m 27 and my AMH was 1.4. We are 11 weeks pregnant after 2 years of TTC. I think part of the reason mine is so low for my age is that I have never used birth control so my body has just been spitting out eggs for 16 years.

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