A Promise to Myself

My friend at “My Perfect Breakdown” shared this beautiful poem she wrote with us today. I wanted to share it with anyone that isn’t following her yet and suggest that you do. I promise you will love her inspiring and thought provoking words.

My Perfect Breakdown

20140917 - A Promise to Myeslf

I am going to watch the world go by.

I am going to take in every single moment.

Each sound. A child laughing. A bird singing. A squirrel chirping.

Each sight. A majestic sunset. A first snowfall. A daisy blowing in the wind. A dog frolicking in the park.

Each smell. A warm bonfire crackling. A fresh smell of lemon zest filling the air. A coffee pot percolating. A roast roasting.

I will seek to see the happiness through the clouds.

Each and every moment.


I will be an active participant in the world.

I will make a positive contribution with every action I take.

I will live with joy, happiness, and love. I will spread joy. I will spread happiness. I will spread love.

I will leave the world a better place when it’s my turn to go.


I will live by my code of kindness and…

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