WI Proud!

Ladies…I don’t know what got into me this weekend but I did something I have never done before and J totally went along with it!  We went to this big sweatshirt sale on Friday night.  It was held in this big convention center in the city closest to us.  While we were there, we found these:


And I bought them!!!

Now, I know a lot of you buy things for your eventual baby, but we never have.  This was a big step for us in proving to ourselves that we have faith that God is going to bring us our baby (hopefully soon, lol).

In other news, unless there is a second immaculate conception, there is no way we are pregnant this month.  I’m all most positive that I ovulated way early this month (like cd11, I think).  J wasn’t feeling well at all last week so we did not have any kind of fun.  It would seriously be a double miracle if I got pregnant this month.

I’ve also been doing good on logging in and tracking my food every day on myfitnesspal.  I’m not always staying under my calories, especially on the weekends but I’m tracking and paying attention and that’s a huge step.  Last week I didn’t have any soda during the week and I’m going to try and do that again this week.  I completed week 1 of c25k and amazingly enough managed to get up at 5am today to get in the first day of week 2.  I’m having dinner tonight with one of my good friends that I haven’t seen in forever so I knew I wouldn’t have time to get it done tonight.

It’s a rainy, gloomy day here in WI and I totally wish I could curl up and nap with the kids right now!  I hope you all have a great week!


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