J and I are being very indecisive lately.  What does that mean for ttc?  We will be doing yet another natural cycle this month.

Last month’s cycle ended up being 24 days, which, if I ovulated as early as I think I may have, it would have still given us a 13-14 day luteal phase.  I woke up to spotting on cd25 and was full flow by the afternoon turning it into cd1.  By cd2, neither one of us knew if we should go forward with our 5th IUI so instead, I called and made an appt to meet with Dr. R on Nov. 5th to further discuss our options.

Honestly, despite seeing several of you get BFP’s lately, some from IUI’s, I am okay with putting it off for at least 1 more cycle.  We sat down and went over finances the other night and J is completely freaking out about credit card debt and the fact that we have to make payments instead of just paying them all off like we normally do (Well, like he has always done, I never did that!).

Apparently, telling him that other people dealing with infertility are way more in debt than we are doesn’t help, lol.  The conversation ended up with me in bed in tears because part of the debt is due to surprises I had planned for him to get away and help with all the stress of infertility.  Instead, it just caused him more stress.  I ended up canceling our weekend away to Door County for our anniversary but we are still going to Minneapolis for the Garth Brooks concert.  It sucks, but what can we do.  I also think we will be staying home over Christmas instead of doing a road trip to FL like we were hoping to do.

Other than that, not much happening.  I’m crazy busy working on pulling events together for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week in November and I’ll be very happy when it’s over.  If you wouldn’t mind saying some prayers for Family Promise of Monroe County, I would totally appreciate it.  We need to get 8 more churches in the county on board and so many seem to be in-between Pastors right now.  We also need to raise the funds, but if we could just get 500 people in the WHOLE county to donate $180/yr or just $15/mo, the program would be completely funded for the year.  We are really hoping to open some time this winter.  We fear if we don’t make it happen this winter, it’s going to lose steam and go by the wayside like every other time somebody has tried to something for homelessness in our area.

Have a great weekend, Friends!

Lots of Love~Dawn

13 thoughts on “Indecisiveness

  1. I was lucky IUI #5… hopefully we get to keep being TTC twinsies, and if you guys do decide on a #5 it works out the same happy way!!! 🙂 (or, this natural cycle does the trick- which would be even BETTER! 🙂 )

    I am so impressed with all the work you do for homeless and hunger awareness- its SO touching to see when people dedicate themselves to work that actually changes lives!! I will definitely be saying a prayer for you!

  2. Sometimes you really have to take a step back to consider things. I know that’s hard to do but I feel like I always want to be able to be 100% in to a cycle. As far as seeing Garth goes I am BEYOND excited that you are getting to do that. I saw him when I was a kid and it was so great I would love to do that again!

  3. I personally think it is a very wise decision to not spiral down further into debt. Doing so can only make matters worse :/ I’m praying for you and I know that God has great plans in store. Keep seeking Him and trusting that He will give you and your husband both peace at the same time for when (and what) the next steps forward should be. xoxo

  4. I am sorry your anniversary weekend was cancelled, but I can understand why. It sounds like cutting back on a few simple things will make a big difference, which will then reduce stress, which is a good thing. I say make the most of the Garth Brook’s concert, and do something special at home for your anniversary and christmas.
    Our anniversary is just before Christmas so we usually just skip it, but this year we have given ourselves a $10 limit for gifts that have to be inspired by the anniversary gift theme for the year – I know it will cause us to have some creative fun – maybe you guys could try something like this?
    And as for Christmas, for many reasons, including cost a few years ago we stopped traveling to see family at Christmas. We’ve learned to love our quite Christmas at home, and I can honestly say we have no intentions of ever traveling again at that time of year.
    And lastly, I hope you are able to get those churches on bored! It is just so important that we help those in need! I love that you do this, and I hope others are inspired by your passion. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! The FL trip is just for fun. We did it a few years ago and spent New Year’s Eve day in Siesta Key…it was amazing!! But I’m fine with being home too. A staycation with no daycare is sounding lovely after the week we’ve had, lol. I totally get not traveling at Christmas when you need to be somewhere. I got stuck in 1 airport too many traveling back to WI for Christmas when I lived in CT for 12 years. I love the idea for the anniversary gift theme. I’ll have to check and see what it is for us. Thank you!!

      • I should point out, that the anniversary gift theme only works for us because it will force us to be super creative within the budget – i.e there is no way we can get things like gold, silver, appliances, etc. within our $10 price range. It’s the challenge that will be the fun part 🙂

  5. Thank you! Luckily, we’re not on completely different pages, lol. I’m just a little more of the mindset that life is short and I would rather have a little debt and enjoy ourselves while we can then not. J understands but just tends to panic a little faster than I do about financial things. I actually find it a little funny because I worry about everything else while he’s totally laid back in pretty much every other area.

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