Monday Randomness

Good Morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was pretty low-key.  Saturday, J spent most of the day taking the boat to storage (yeah for both vehicles being back in the garage), sighting his gun for deer hunting and bow hunting.  I went to a craft fair with our neighbor, cleaned part of the house and then napping.  I’ve had a cough that’s just been hanging on and trying to turn into a full fledge cold so I just wasn’t quite up to par this weekend.  Sunday, we watched Church from the comfort of our couch and then headed to J’s Sister’s house for lunch (more about that later).  When we got home, J headed outside to do yard work and I went back to the couch.  Watched the Packer game which started off great and quickly went down hill.  😦  I didn’t even stay awake for the 4th quarter.  I couldn’t take it anymore!

So, J’s Sister.  I’m not sure how much I’ve actually written about her so I apologize if I repeat myself.  She’s an interesting character…one of those people that’s not happy unless there’s drama.  She always says she hates drama but she’s also the first person to start it.  She’s not happy unless she’s mad at someone and we take turns getting to be that person.  I’m nice and civil when we’re with them (at least most of the time) but I would rather not spend time with her.  She’s just a very selfish person and everything is always about her.  She’s so the opposite of J that I don’t even know how they can be siblings sometimes.  She has added so much grief to the infertility from her statements and attitude that I would rather not discuss it with her at all.  You can tell that she’s asking not out of concern, but to be nosey.  Oh well, what can you do when it’s family…and not even your side?!  However, despite everything being about her yesterday (as usual) the afternoon went quick and it was nice to see J’s parents..I hadn’t seen them in awhile.

Okay, now for the randomness:

I’m normally a one book at a time kind of girl, but not right now.  I’m reading not 1 book, not 3 books, not 5 books, but 7 books right now (this does include my Bible which I’ve been trying to be in way more often)!!!  This is just crazy to me, but I keep finding or being given books that are interesting or helpful to me.  This is so crazy to me that I took a pic of it (Maybe I should start 100 Happy days, because all of these books make me happy or make me think which makes me happy):


The other thing that’s making me happy this Monday morning….I got my new glass water bottle that I order from Amazon this weekend.  I needed glass because Young Living’s citrus oils eat through toxins so you can’t use a plastic water bottle with them.  Today I have it filled with water and tangerine oil…so yummy (and healthy)!


Other than that, I have logged onto MyFitnessPal for 25 days in a row now.  I will admit that up until this weekend I haven’t been staying under calories most days but at least I’m tracking and paying attention.  I also set the alarm for 5am this morning and got in a workout.  I did not make it through the whole DVD which I used to bang out no problem, but I burned 300 calories and that’s a start.  I also got in my devotional and some Bible time before the kids arrived so that was a bonus.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Lots of Love~Dawn

7 thoughts on “Monday Randomness

  1. 7 books at once, eh? I’m definitely a one book at a time kinda girl, I think I’d end up confused trying to remember what each book was about, if I were reading 7 at a time! Your new glass water bottle is super cute – I love the colours!
    And, I’m sorry your SIL is such a pain – it seems like we all have at least one of those people in our lives. Wishing you continued patience when you have to see her.

    • Thank you!! I find that I need patience in so many areas of my life but it tends to get used up on the daycare kids, lol. And luckily, they are all so different, that for the most part they are pretty easy to distinguish, but yeah, I think after these, I’ll go back to 1 book at a time!

  2. I have most of those books 😉 Love the life application study bible too!!!!

    Sounds like a good weekend, sorry about all the drama! Love your new water bottle and yay for YL oils!!!

    • The Life application study Bible is a savior for me. It really helps me to figure out what I’m reading and ways to apply it to my life. I’m so excited because my essential rewards order arrived this morning! I was running out a few and I got the free oils so I’m excited to have cinnamon bark and nutmeg in my stash now. I already had orange but I love it so I’m happy to have more, lol. 🙂

    • Thank you! I usually don’t get past it either but my evenings are either busy or I’m just too tired after doing daycare all day that I never get it in if I wait. We’ll see if I can manage to keep it up the rest of the week, lol.

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