Hibernation and Hallmark

We woke up to the first snow of the season for us.  This totally means I get to go into hibernation and just stay cuddled up on the couch with my soft blanket, my pup, a fire going and Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, right?!  Haha…I wish!!!  I have, however, had a fairly easy day with only one munchkin here today.  And it’s a good thing to, because as the day has gone on, I’ve just felt more and more punky.  Nothing I can put my finger on but just very little energy and my pain from fibromyalgia has been acting up the 5 or 6 days too.  So annoying!!!

I know I haven’t written much on the ttc front.  If AF is coming, she’ll show up sometime in the next 3-6 days.  Other than that, nothing new with it.

My Sister gave us quite the scare this weekend.  She was at a Mom’s conference she goes to every year with a bunch of ladies from her church.  Saturday morning she started getting a bad headache that turned into shaking, pretty much incoherent, couldn’t stand or talk.  They called an ambulance and she spend the whole day at the hospital.  This has happened before, although not quite as bad due to her lyme’s disease.  There’s a certain medicine they give her when she goes into our hometown hospital and my BIL talked to them on the phone and told them what it was but this hospital wouldn’t give it to her.  Instead, they did a cat scan and a spinal tap, both came back normal.  But now she is stuck dealing with all the side effects of a spinal tap.  And the rest of us are stuck with trying to get her to slow down and rest.  It is not easy, especially when our big event for Family Promise is coming up Friday night.

It’s called “Taste of Homelessness” and we will be sleeping over night in our cars at the county fair grounds.  We’re going to show a couple of movies “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “Over the Hedge”.  We’ll have different soups available to eat, games and music and hopefully raise awareness and lots of donations for Family Promise.  I hope we have a decent amount of people show up.  We always start planning these events a few months in advance and then the outside sources take so long getting back to us that it feels like everything is last minute and we didn’t get enough advertising of the event out.

And then after the event is over Saturday morning, J and I will be headed to Minneapolis for the Garth Brooks concert.  I also made reservations at “The Melting Pot” before the concert.  So excited!!!  Let’s just hope that whatever is making me feel yucky right now goes away by Friday!  Hope all is well with all of you!


13 thoughts on “Hibernation and Hallmark

  1. Wow! What a post! First…snow?! Already?! Yikes! Second…I am so sorry about your sister. Lastly, this event sounds fabulous!!! Ohh and I am hoping af stays away for nine more months 🙂

  2. Oh no….we’ve had snow flurries today but nothing is sticking and the sun is shining. Thank you so much. She’s still getting terrible headaches, especially when she drives but she got some meds yesterday. She keeps trying to go into work and they keep forcing her to leave so I’m very Thankful for them right now. 🙂

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