I had planned on writing a post about how “Taste of Homelessness” went and our fun night at the Garth Brooks concert.  However, a call from J just over an hour ago changed my plans.

See, a good friend of J’s was killed in a truck accident this morning.  This is his 2nd friend that’s died in the past month or so and the 3rd in the last couple of years.  And I can’t help but ask, Why?  Why God?  Why these young men?  Why so many that J knows?  I know I won’t get these answers anytime on this earth.  But right now, my heart is just broken for J and for B’s family and friends.

He was one of the sweetest guys I’ve met.  So polite whenever he was with us.  He lived a couple hours away so we didn’t get to see him a lot, but a couple of years ago, we went to a fundraiser for a local charity.  They do a big trivia event every year the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day.  We asked him if he wanted to come and be on our team and man, we would have really sucked if it wouldn’t have been for him.  He was AMAZING at trivia…such a smart guy.  Last Christmas Eve, he came and spent the whole day with us celebrating with J’s side of the family at our house.  The weather turned pretty bad that night and when he left to drive home, I made him promise me if the roads were too bad, he had to turn and come back to spend the night.  It wasn’t a half hour later and he was walking back through our door.  He was like a little brother to J and I just don’t know how he is going to handle this.  Right now, he’s stuck staying at school because they have a basketball game tonight and he can’t let his kids down by not coaching.

RIP B….we are going to miss you more than you will ever know!  Love you!!!

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