A Million Times Thank You

Seriously….I don’t know what I would do without you all.  Thank you for easing my worries.  Thank you for all your support and prayers.  The tears have stopped.  I spent the afternoon with my Mom, Sister, and her 5 kids watching a movie and doing a little shopping.  Came home, took a nap with the pup and am continuing my love of watching Hallmark Christmas movies even though I’ve seen them all a million times this season, lol.

Lots of Love~Dawn

Talk Me Off The Ledge Please!!!!

I’m 6w1d…we saw the gestational sac but that’s about all I could see.  No heartbeat.  Please tell me that it really could just be too early and that there’s a very good chance when we go in next Thursday that everything will be fine.  Anyone have a similar story where everything turned out good?  Trying very hard not to stress out.  J thinks I expected way too much today and he’s just ecstatic that we saw the sac in the uterus.  Dr. R said that she can’t tell us one way or the other…it could just be that I didn’t ovulate as early as I thought I had (and that’s only based on when we had sex, not an opk).  I go in next Thursday.  Please send prayers our way that everything be just fine when we go in next week!  Thank you!!!

6 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along?:  6 weeks

Total Weight Gain:  no idea!  Seriously scared of that scale, lol.

Maternity Clothes?  not yet, but I did buy a bag of them for $30 from a friend on a buy/sell site.  Haven’t picked them up yet though.  I have a feeling it won’t be long.  I already can’t wear my jeans even I know I’m going to eat a decent sized meal and unable to change right away.  I was bawling on Christmas morning because nothing fit me except yoga pants to go to my Mom’s for Christmas.

Crazy Stretch Marks?   Nope and hoping to keep them away through essential oils but need to research it more.

Sleep?  The last couple nights have been better.  I still wake up to pee way too many times in the night, but I haven’t been staying awake for hours like I was.  I do still wake up pretty early in the morning though.  I miss sleeping in.

Best Moment This Week?  Telling family and close friends.

Movement:  Way to early.

Food Cravings:  Dips

Anything making you queasy?  Not really.  Every once in awhile I’ll have a quick roll of nausea, but nothing specific or even daily.

Baby Bump:  Well, I already looked 3-4 mo. pregnant before getting pregnant so, just my non baby bump, lol.

Gender Prediction:  J thinks it’s going to be a girl.  So does my Mom’s co-worker who was the one that told Mom someone in the family is pregnant after Mom had that dream about my Grandma.

Labor Signs:  Nope and they can stay away for the next 34 weeks!

Belly Button In Or Out:  In and kind of hoping it stays that way.

Wedding Rings on or off:  Both…My wedding/engagement ring always gets tight in the Winter due to fingers swelling but J bought me a new band for Christmas.  I have a feeling it won’t fit the whole pregnancy, but for now it works.  🙂

Happy or Moody:  Both…pregnancy hormones have definitely hit and I cry even more easily then normal.  I’m super happy that this has happened but also still a nervous wreck.

Looking forward to:  1st ultrasound tomorrow morning.

Ultrasound is on Monday….

And I’m a little panicked!  As I’m sure we all are until we get a little reassurance.  I’m guessing even seeing a heartbeat isn’t going to make my worrying go away completely, but I sure hope it helps.  I’ll be 6w1d for the ultrasound so I’m just praying we get good news and see something!!!  Any and all prayers, thoughts and blessings are appreciated!  🙂

I have to say, as we have been letting people know, it’s amazing how many people have said that they’ve been praying for us.  2 women said they had just been praying for us last week.  One was a woman I’m really just an acquaintance with but she was selling a bag of maternity clothes on one of those buy/sell sites on FB so I pm’d her.  I couldn’t resist a bag of pants and shirts for $30.

Christmas was great….my MIL’s reaction was a bit of a let down (she basically didn’t react at all), but my SIL bawled!  The rest of the extended family was super happy for us and my FIL later came up to me and said it’s the best Christmas present ever.  Our day with my family was full of delicious food, games, presents and laughter.  The last couple of days I’ve mostly been relaxing with a few errands run each day.

And in hunting news….J finally got a deer, that he actually brought home for us anyways, lol.  They can only hunt doe’s at this point, but he was happy.  He’s back out there again today with his Dad.  I’m really hoping hunting season is really and truly going to be over soon!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!


Do I need to be Freaking out?!!!

My test result came through on the my care website already…it did not even double in 79 hours…it only went up to 2059!  Barren Librarian was right…shouldn’t have had it done.  Haven’t gotten to talk to the nurses yet but now I’m double freaking out.  Please tell me you know people where this has still turned out fine!!!

Update:  I have since spoken to the nurse (whom I absolutely adore) and she said Dr. R said to tell me my number is within normal range and everything looks good.  What I wouldn’t give some days to be a naive first pregnancy Mom!  And I haven’t even been through half of what some of you have been through.  One chemical pregnancy a year and a half ago and the RE I had refused to confirm it.  However, I know all of your stories, and I know the dangers and as much as I’m trying to just relax and be happy…it’s also a very scary time.  Thank you all for being here to answer questions and for being so supportive!

Lots of Love~Dawn

So Far This Week….

We have found out I’m pregnant and had a good 1st beta and progesterone number.

We have been unable to keep it a secret, lol.  So far we have told my Mom, both my Sisters and their families, my Aunt,  J’s cousin and his wife, all but one of my daycare parents (and that’s because the husband and J have been friends since college so we want to tell them when we’re all together), J has told 3 co workers and I’ve told my best friend out in CT and another friend from Church that has been a huge support.

That leaves J’s whole family, the rest of my extended family, 4 of my good friends (I want to tell 3 of them in person, the other is in Wyoming so it’ll have to be over the phone), all of J’s good friends from HS and their wives, my CT family that I nannied for, and then I also want to privately message some people on FB that I have reached out to me when we became public with this infertility battle.  We also want to tell the couple that hosts our small group in person because they are the ones that have adopted 3 children through the service we were going to (and may still) use.  They have been a huge support for us and have been praying for us on our journey since we met them.  The husband is also my chiropractor so he’s definitely going to need to know before my next adjustment, lol.  Once we get the ultrasound confirming a heartbeat and seeing that little bean is measuring as he/she should be, we will probably announce on FB right away.  Hopefully J’s Mom won’t beat us to it!

I’ve also been dealing with insomnia since Sunday night, however, last night was my best sleep yet!  We went to bed a little after 10pm and I put peace and calming in my diffuser, woke up at 11 to pee but went right back to sleep and slept til almost 3. That’s the longest period I’ve gone without waking up this week.  Got up at 3 to pee again, put more peace and calming in the diffuser and laid back down.  Couldn’t get back to sleep because I was hungry so I got up in the middle of the night for a 2nd night in a row for a yogurt and a banana.  Laid back down, got cramps, rubbed some peppermint oil on my stomach and finally fell back to sleep until my alarm went off.  Looks like peace and calming may be my ticket to a better nights sleep.  🙂

I should find out 2nd beta by this afternoon….I will update when I know!