CD 29

Ladies, it’s CD29 and I am the farthest thing from a poas addict as you can get.  I used to have tests on hand all the time but eventually learned that the heartache of the negatives just weren’t worth it.  However, if you’ll recall…my cycles have been short lately…like 24-26 days so when I hit cd 29 today and had a test leftover from our last IUI, I decided to take it.

It looks like we may just have a Christmas Miracle….


It was a little after 8am and J was still sleeping…guys, I got the 2nd line within like 30 seconds.  The only other positive I had ever gotten took awhile to show up and went I went for the blood test it was negative.  My old RE wouldn’t confirm a chemical pregnancy even though I knew in my heart that’s what it was.  That was in May of 13′.  I threw the door open to our bedroom and was screaming at J to get up.  Needless to say, I scared the crap out of him…he thought something was wrong with Rocky or our Mom’s because I was crying already.  We are both in shock and I am scared out of my mind.  I know all to well from reading so many blogs that miscarriages can and do happen, more than most people realize.

We went out and grabbed some breakfast and got another test at Walgreens…the Clearblue Advanced that gives the weeks pregnant.  Here is what it said:


So here’s my question…if it’s 2-3 weeks…did I get pregnant this cycle or last?  The only reason I’m really questioning it is because last month we were really good about intercourse during ovulation time and this month…it was like once on cd10 because of deer hunting.

I left a message on the nurse’s line at my RE’s office so hopefully they will call right away in the morning.  My Sister and Mom are already supposed to be coming to my house tomorrow to go through the gifts K bought when we shopped on Black Friday. I asked my Mom if they would watch the kids while I ran to the clinic for a blood draw that they want before my physical on the 24th.  Hopefully they don’t catch on and hopefully we get good news this week because I really, really want to give my Mom a “Grandma” card for Christmas to break the news.

The only symptoms I have had is sore boobs since cd 16 which was earlier than I would normally get them.  I’ve also had cramping the last couple days and now that I know…I’m really trying not to freak out about them since I know a lot of you have also had them.

Ladies, please, please pray for J and I and this little bean.  Pray that the Lord sustains this pregnancy and I give birth to a healthy baby in about 35-36 weeks.

I will update you when I have more info.  I debated whether or not I should even put this out there so close to Christmas but you all are the only ones I want to tell at this point and I know you all will give the best support during this very exciting, but very nerve wracking time.

Lots of Love and Hugs~Dawn


28 thoughts on “CD 29

  1. Dawn I am so beyond excited for you!!! Praying for all three of you! Can’t wait to hear about the blood draw but those lines look darn good. And I have to tell you I laughed about the hunting part because that is 100% my life as well!!!

  2. Congratulations! Those test measure weeks from ovulation so technically u are 4-5 weeks medically speaking. Hope it blood test gives u some relief and comfort that everything is OK.

  3. Congratulations! Stay positive! Miracles happen and they are even better around the holidays! So happy for you and will be looking for more happy updates!

  4. Whoa girl!! That is one dark test! And yep, the 2-3 weeks means you are 4-5 weeks pregnant now. SInce that means you are 2-3 weeks since ovulation. Since your cycles run short, I think it’s very possible that you ovulated on day 10. Doesn’t seem unlikely to me given the circumstances. 😉 😉

    Congratulations!!! I am really excited for you. What a wonderful Christmas gift!! 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!! Also, stay away from the CB Week Estimators, the range is so big and varies test to test, so one day it may say 3+ and then another day it’ll say 2-3, freaks you out, you know? Sending so many prayers your way! It is a Merry Christmas for you indeed.

    • Thank you so much!!! And good to know about the the cb tests. I bought some more cheaper walmart kind yesterday and did another one this morning, lol. I told J this baby is going to end up with all sorts of pee sticks in it’s baby book, lol.

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