Results are in….

So, after going to the lab under the disguise of needing blood drawn for my physical on the 24th, my results came in while my Mom and Sister were still here.  Luckily, I was able to go hide in the bathroom to get them, lol.

Beta # is 1080…the nurse said the number being this high says that I did probably ovulate early like I thought.  My progesterone was 21 point something.  They want anything over 20.

They are not having me do a 2nd beta or go on the progesterone suppositories.  A little nervous about that, but hopefully, my body will continue to do what it is supposed to.

My first ultrasound will be Dec. 29th at 7:40am.  Luckily, J and I have off for Christmas vacation from Dec. 24th-Jan. 5th, so I don’t have to try and take time off.  We will tell most of my family on Christmas day.  We’re having Christmas with J’s family this Saturday and I cannot trust his Mom to keep quiet so we will be waiting til after my family knows to tell them.   I will be seriously pissed if she announces it on FB before we can though.  We will definitely be having a chat with her that she not tell anyone…not other family and not friends and definitely not posting it on FB!!!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys one of the craziest parts about this whole thing.  So last Wednesday (I think), we found out that the lottery date for being able to start the adoption process would be Jan. 20th.  I called my Mom and told her and that night she had a dream with my Grandma (her Mom) in it.  She hasn’t dreamed about her once since she passed away 7 years ago.  So she goes to work that night and is telling her co-worker about this dream and the co-worker says, well you know what that means right?  And Mom says no, she has no idea.  Co-worker says, when you dream about a family member in your dream (especially a maternal) it means someone is having a baby.  Mom says to her, that’s so weird, Dawn just called me today to tell me when the date was for the adoption lottery, lol.  Turns out the dream is correct…but not in the way we thought it was going to be.  Craziness!!!



20 thoughts on “Results are in….

  1. I am still just so freaking happy for you!! And, I love your numbers – they are awesome for where you are at!
    The curious side of me is wondering, are you going to stay in the adoption lottery? I have no idea what I would do it I were you! 🙂

  2. So exciting!!! Someone I work with who I barely know had a dream that I came into the office with triplets…I hadn’t had my first beta yet and didn’t know I was pregnant with TWINS at the time! Dreams are a crazy thing!! Congratulations again!

    • Thank you! Dreams totally are a crazy thing…the night we found out I dreamt about my Dad, nothing about a baby or anything, but Mom’s wasn’t either. My Dad has been gone over 4 years and this is only the 3rd time I’ve dreamt of him.

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