Adoption…Are We Moving Forward?

As many of you know, before our Christmas Miracle arrived, we were all set to move ahead with the adoption process in January.  You can read more about it here.

So, the question that has been asked is, what are our plans now?  Honestly, I’m not sure yet.  J asked me the same thing Sunday evening.  In fact, I think J would be okay with moving forward with the adoption process too if we were picked to move forward in the Jan. 20th lottery.  Here are the things that are making me think we should hold off for now providing all goes well at our first ultrasound:

1.  I’ve never been pregnant before.  Even if I had been, each pregnancy is different and we don’t know how this one will go.  Do I want to stress myself out further by having to get all the adoption paper work figured out?

2.  J is a teacher, therefore, our insurance starts over July 1st of each year.  That means most of the pregnancy will happen before our deductible starts over, but the delivery (God willing) will not.  Our deductible is $4000, and we’re not even close to hitting it yet for this year, so that’s going to be about $8000 that will be out of pocket for us in the next year.  Adoption will be about $16,000-$18,000.  As always, finances dictate and I’m just not sure it would be smart financially to take both on right now.

3.  Daycare.  I already have a lot of little ones in my daycare.  All but one will be 2 by the middle of September (2 in June, 1 end of August, 1 middle of September).  Plus I have one that will be turning 1 middle of September and then an almost 4 year old when our’s is due (according to the due date calculator, August 23rd).  That is a lot!  What if we ended up having a child placed with us quicker than we think we will?  Yes, I can do it no problem if it’s just our 2, but if you add in daycare kids, I think it would just be too much!  And I don’t want to have to ask any of my families to leave and when we’re going to have a child of our own, we can’t really afford to without everything being very paycheck to paycheck.

4.  At Church on Orphan Sunday, the had pictures of kids in foster care waiting to be adopted and you could pick one to take with you and pray for them.  I picked a 12 yr old boy right here in WI and I have to tell you, his smile has just pierced my heart.  I have always wanted to adopt an older child but with infertility, I thought that would have to be put on hold for awhile, now we are thinking that once the majority of the daycare kids are 2, we may look further into adopting this little boy we’re praying for.

Conclusion:  J and I need to really talk about it further.  We may still adopt an infant in the future, especially if we’re unable to get pregnant again after this pregnancy, but I think for now it may be put on hold.  If we decide to, we can always ask to be put in the July lottery.  God forbid something happens to our little bean, we will need a little time to grieve.  That being said, if God forbid the ultrasound doesn’t go well on the 29th (Please, Please, Please God let everything go perfect), we will stay in the January lottery.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Lots of Love~Dawn


5 thoughts on “Adoption…Are We Moving Forward?

  1. Wishing you all the very best for your pregnancy! You don’t have to decide about adoption right this minute and it sounds like you have lots of options, so that’s great! ❤

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