Has anyone else found out their pregnant and immediately can’t sleep?  I’ve been getting 4-6 hrs since Sunday night.  I am strictly a 71/2-8 hr girl.  Now, I know, I know…when the baby comes, that’s not going to be happening, but did it really need to start as soon as I found out, lol.

I’m sure my mind is just so filled with wonder and some worries that it’s making it hard for my brain to shut off.  I will say I’m spending much more time talking to God with this lack of sleep.  Today though, I woke up for the 3rd time to go to the bathroom at 4:30am, and I could not get back to sleep.  I finally got up a little after 5, got my shower in and the living room and kitchen vacuumed.  Made some breakfast (because I am starving every 2 hours but fill up pretty quickly) and am enjoying the Christmas tree with Rocky.

Unfortunately, daycare kiddos will be arriving in about 40 minutes and now I am ready for a nap!  I think it’s going to be a long day!!  May need to go put some En-R-Gee oil on today.  🙂

Another question is, how did you ladies that are expecting manage to keep it a secret?!  J and I lasted less than 48hrs before we both told someone, lol.  One of my dc parents started asking all these questions about adopting in January and at first, I just went along with it, but then I could take it anymore and blurted it out, lol.  She gave a little scream and gave me a big hug.  I wasn’t going to tell J I told, but then he came home and said he had a confession to make.  Turned out he couldn’t keep it in either…apparently he was acting a little giddy after I texted him our test results and the other 2 phyed/health teachers kept looking at him weird so he blurted it out too!  All 3 people have been very aware of our struggles so they were all super happy for us.

The plan was to wait until Christmas and I was going to give my Mom and onsie type outfit that said “Baby’s 1st Christmas”, problem is, J’s Family Christmas is this Saturday at our house and the girls in the family and I had big plans to enjoy a lot of wine.  We don’t know if we are going to be able to keep his Mom from telling the whole world (but I will be threatening her so hopefully it will work), and J doesn’t want to wait, so we had to tell my family first.  So, went to my Mom’s Monday night to tell her.  Problem was, my Mom and Sister had been here all day on Monday and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get them both together to tell them at the same time.   J told me to text K and tell her we had a surprise for Mom and could she meet us at Mom’s after her daughter’s concert to help us with it.  Of course, this is the time that K decides to ask questions and wants to know what it is….I told her we had found a cheap, nice stove for Mom on Craigslist, lol.  We jumped in the truck to head to my hometown with the WI badger onesies we had bought a few months ago taped up in a big box.  I wanted to show you the video, because it is priceless, but it won’t let me upload it to this.  Needless to say, as soon as she saw those onesies, she knew what we were telling her and she was so excited and immediately started crying.  K just kept going…seriously?  really?, lol.  It was probably the most awesome moment of my life so far…right up there with marrying J.  My nieces were screaming and my 12 year old niece goes, “It’s a good thing Grandma got it or I’d still be clueless”.  LOL, we all started laughing.  And my 14 yr old niece as they were trying to get the tape off the box to open it says, “It’s a baby…..just kidding, just kidding”.  J and I just looked at each other like, how did she know that?

We also called J’s cousin and his wife who we are super close with and have beens so supportive.  They were over the moon and then my Mom couldn’t handle not telling my Aunt so we went over together last night and I gave her the Christmas gift J and I had gotten her and put a card on it that said, “Love, Dawn, J and Baby R due August 2015”.  She was ecstatic also.  I showed her the video of Mom and she started crying too, lol.  We also called my Sister that lives in Madison on our way to Mom’s Monday night to tell her.  I really wanted to do it in person, but didn’t know if J’s Mom would hold out until the 1st when we are doing Christmas with them.  She was so happy and told us to send her the video of Mom (who is her Step-Mom).  I sent it yesterday morning and she said she started crying too when she watched it, lol.  We will be telling J’s family this Saturday but she will still have strict orders not to tell anyone because there’s still a lot of people we want to tell either in person or over the phone and I most definitely don’t want it on FB before we get the ultrasound done.

Okay, see what happens when I don’t get enough sleep…a very long, rambling blog post.  🙂  Have a great day, everyone!



17 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Insomnia how I don’t miss it! That’s usually one of my early pregnancy symptoms. It eventually went away which I was thankful for. Glad u were able to share the news with ur mom and rest of the family.

  2. Insomnia has been a thorn in my side since i found out i was pregnant! Its awful! I just read a lot more now!! It has been very difficult keeping it a secret but we have told a number of people. We will tell the rest of our family at christmas! Congrats!

    • Oh…I hope this doesn’t last until our first ultrasound! I’m so nervous for it…I’m trying to just think happy thoughts but it’s so hard when you’ve been in the trenches for so long. They’re not kidding when they say ignorance is bliss, especially in this case.

  3. In the beginning of pregnancy, I have no trouble sleeping which is weird for me since I usually do struggle with insomnia. I hope you are able to get to sleep again soon. 🙂

    DH and I lasted probably less than 5 minutes before calling our parents with the news both times. 😉

  4. I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping when I want to. 😦 I can sleep during the day, but even when I don’t do that, I have so much trouble sleeping at night now. I hope your sleep gets better. It was difficult not to tell anyone about the pregnancy, but we really wanted to make sure everything was okay. I’m so happy that your family is so excited! Enjoy it! 🙂

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