Ultrasound is on Monday….

And I’m a little panicked!  As I’m sure we all are until we get a little reassurance.  I’m guessing even seeing a heartbeat isn’t going to make my worrying go away completely, but I sure hope it helps.  I’ll be 6w1d for the ultrasound so I’m just praying we get good news and see something!!!  Any and all prayers, thoughts and blessings are appreciated!  🙂

I have to say, as we have been letting people know, it’s amazing how many people have said that they’ve been praying for us.  2 women said they had just been praying for us last week.  One was a woman I’m really just an acquaintance with but she was selling a bag of maternity clothes on one of those buy/sell sites on FB so I pm’d her.  I couldn’t resist a bag of pants and shirts for $30.

Christmas was great….my MIL’s reaction was a bit of a let down (she basically didn’t react at all), but my SIL bawled!  The rest of the extended family was super happy for us and my FIL later came up to me and said it’s the best Christmas present ever.  Our day with my family was full of delicious food, games, presents and laughter.  The last couple of days I’ve mostly been relaxing with a few errands run each day.

And in hunting news….J finally got a deer, that he actually brought home for us anyways, lol.  They can only hunt doe’s at this point, but he was happy.  He’s back out there again today with his Dad.  I’m really hoping hunting season is really and truly going to be over soon!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!


17 thoughts on “Ultrasound is on Monday….

  1. Best wishes for you with the ultrasound!! 🙂 You’ve got to love those deer hunters! My hubs has shot 2 this year and while I love the meat, it’s kind of aggravating sometimes how involved he can get in the whole hunting experience. 😉

  2. It sounds like you had a great Christmas! And my hubs hasnt killed anything yet this year but he really hasnt had the time :/

    I am praying for you on Monday and i love psalm 112:7 which says, “He will fear no bad news for his heart is steadfast in trusting in the Lord.” Love ya sugars! Xo

    • Thank you, Elisha, for that verse! I am going to write that down in my journal that I’m keeping. J got me a sign for our anniversary that says “Good Morning, this is God, I will be handling all your problems today”. I have it hanging in our bathroom, although this is definitely not a problem, I think that word is pretty interchangeable with worry. So I try to give all these worries to him, but dang is it hard!!!

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