6 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along?:  6 weeks

Total Weight Gain:  no idea!  Seriously scared of that scale, lol.

Maternity Clothes?  not yet, but I did buy a bag of them for $30 from a friend on a buy/sell site.  Haven’t picked them up yet though.  I have a feeling it won’t be long.  I already can’t wear my jeans even I know I’m going to eat a decent sized meal and unable to change right away.  I was bawling on Christmas morning because nothing fit me except yoga pants to go to my Mom’s for Christmas.

Crazy Stretch Marks?   Nope and hoping to keep them away through essential oils but need to research it more.

Sleep?  The last couple nights have been better.  I still wake up to pee way too many times in the night, but I haven’t been staying awake for hours like I was.  I do still wake up pretty early in the morning though.  I miss sleeping in.

Best Moment This Week?  Telling family and close friends.

Movement:  Way to early.

Food Cravings:  Dips

Anything making you queasy?  Not really.  Every once in awhile I’ll have a quick roll of nausea, but nothing specific or even daily.

Baby Bump:  Well, I already looked 3-4 mo. pregnant before getting pregnant so, just my non baby bump, lol.

Gender Prediction:  J thinks it’s going to be a girl.  So does my Mom’s co-worker who was the one that told Mom someone in the family is pregnant after Mom had that dream about my Grandma.

Labor Signs:  Nope and they can stay away for the next 34 weeks!

Belly Button In Or Out:  In and kind of hoping it stays that way.

Wedding Rings on or off:  Both…My wedding/engagement ring always gets tight in the Winter due to fingers swelling but J bought me a new band for Christmas.  I have a feeling it won’t fit the whole pregnancy, but for now it works.  🙂

Happy or Moody:  Both…pregnancy hormones have definitely hit and I cry even more easily then normal.  I’m super happy that this has happened but also still a nervous wreck.

Looking forward to:  1st ultrasound tomorrow morning.


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