Talk Me Off The Ledge Please!!!!

I’m 6w1d…we saw the gestational sac but that’s about all I could see.  No heartbeat.  Please tell me that it really could just be too early and that there’s a very good chance when we go in next Thursday that everything will be fine.  Anyone have a similar story where everything turned out good?  Trying very hard not to stress out.  J thinks I expected way too much today and he’s just ecstatic that we saw the sac in the uterus.  Dr. R said that she can’t tell us one way or the other…it could just be that I didn’t ovulate as early as I thought I had (and that’s only based on when we had sex, not an opk).  I go in next Thursday.  Please send prayers our way that everything be just fine when we go in next week!  Thank you!!!

21 thoughts on “Talk Me Off The Ledge Please!!!!

  1. I’m not going to lie, your next week is going to be rough with tonnes of worry! 6w1d is really early, so there is tonnes of reason to be hopeful that next week you will see a little heartbeat.
    Remember nothing you do will change the outcome, so at this point, all you can do is love that little one, and hope and pray that they continue to grow big and strong. I’ll be hoping for you, J and the little one.

  2. Did she say whether there was a fetal pole? I absolutely think the dates are likely off. A day or so this early is significant. These early ultrasounds are so frustrating. Hang in there. The wait is no fun.

    • She said it was small (like I seriously couldn’t see anything) and she’s not sure if it’s because I didn’t ovulate as early as I thought or if it’s because it’s abnormal and she would know more with next week’s ultrasound.

  3. 6w1d is super early- which is why OBs won’t even do dating scans until suspected 8ws. Try to stay positive, I have faith that that little nugget is your take home baby!!

  4. Clearly I’ve never been pregnant so don’t have a ton of advice, but most of my friends would say that 6weeks is way too early!!!! Put your hope in HIM – He won’t disappoint you girl!

  5. I never had an ultrasound that early but at 6 weeks 3 days, there was very little to see and in fact, my RE entirely missed seeing 2 of the triplets that I was pregnant with in the beginning of my pregnancy with Truett. So, it’s highly likely to not see much at this stage and not be able to detect a heart beat. My RE likes to do the first ultrasound at 7 weeks to avoid the possibility of not seeing a heart beat sooner. I think it’s very likely you may have ovulated a few days later too. I know it’s scary at this point. It’s such a day by day process…. best wishes for your next ultrasound. 🙂

  6. Well since I have never been 6 weeks prego, I am clearly not one to offer advice. Buuuut, from what I have read and have been told, 6 weeks is really early to see a heartbeat. And like the others have said above, worrying won’t change the outcome. It will only rob you of the joy and happiness of today. Just love that little one growing in your belly and keep the faith. xo

  7. Agreed. My doctor told me when we went in for our “what we thought would be 8 week scan” that all she needs to see is the sac. She doesn’t need to see a heartbeat, as long as it’s there it means there’s something and then she can date it. My cycles were 37 days, so we knew that it may not be exact. Just keep thinking positive thoughts! ❤

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