Thieves HouseHold Cleaner: DIY Cleaning Wipes

Super easy way to make antibacterial wipes from lavender and I totally have a bunch of these filters left over from old coffee maker….Score!!!!  Also, I should add, if you would like to know more about Young Living and their products such as Thieves cleaner…I am always, always, always happy to talk Young Living.  Just comment or send me a message through my “contact me” page and I can get you more information.  🙂

The Oil Posse


This post is super exciting! It brings together the ease of quick clean-ups with the fresh scent of Thieves Household Cleaner.

It is quick and easy to make your own cleaning wipes. Don’t worry we will walk you through the process.

CW_AllSuppliesSupplies Needed:

1 Container — we used an empty cleaning wipe container
1 Gallon Distilled Water
1 Bottle Thieves Household Cleaner
200 quality coffee filters


Fill container of your choice with approx. 4-6 cups of distilled water. We filled our empty wipe container about half full (see below).


Now add 2-4 tablespoons of Thieves Household Cleaner. We added 1/4 cup (4 Tbsp) and this is what it looked like (see below) but we may add just 2 Tbsp for the next batch. Place lid and give a gently swirl.


Now add coffee filters and mash down until covered with the cleaning mixture. Place on lid, turn upside down…

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Day 12

Something I thought about doing once, but never did.  Hmmmm, okay, this seriously is a tough one.  I’m going to have to think about this for awhile.

30 minutes later and I’m still trying to think of something!

An hour has now passed and I still can’t figure something out.

I guess I’ve often said I need to find a new career or go back to college, but I never have.  That’s about all I can think of.  I’m sure there are plenty of little insignificant things, just can’t think of them, lol.

Day 11

If I won the lottery….I would totally do a happy dance!  🙂

Then, I would pay off all our debt, all our Parent’s debt and all of our sibling’s houses.

I would fund Family Promise for the first year.

I would set up a foundation to help those with infertility pay for treatments or adopt.

I would go on a cruise.

I would visit Europe, more specifically Greece and Italy.

I would visit Australia and Hawaii.

I would take the summer off and J, Rocky and I would rent an RV and road trip all over the US for the summer.

I would add on to our house and update everything the way I want it.

I would not stress about the financial side of adoption.

I might quit working so that I can volunteer more and go on mission trips.  I might feel too guilty to quit though, lol.

I would donate to an organization to help abandoned/abused animals.

I would buy a cabin on the lake in Door County.

We Did It!

We went public…like Facebook public about our miscarriage and moving onto adoption.

We did it because I finally convinced J to let me set up a gofundme campaign.  I don’t know if we’ll get a whole lot of donations, but every little bit will help.  I know that this may invite some not so nice or just insensitive comments, but hopefully, it will be worth it.

On the adoption front…I haven’t touched our paperwork since looking through it the day it arrived.  It’s just so overwhelming and we still need to work on taxes.  I also need to send out for the childcare licensing information.  So much to do!!!

Day 10

First celebrity crush…this Ladies, is easy peasy for me to answer.  Although I had a few Corey Haim and Kirk Cameron posters on my walls, my first true crush and biggest to this day was/is Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block!

Hello!!!  Those eyes, that smile, that voice, those moves!!!  And of course he was singing “Please Don’t Go Girl” right to me…EVERY TIME!!!  LOL

Yep, love me some Joey McIntyre to this day! 😉

Day 9

Piercings and Tatoos!

I have my ears and belly button pierced.  However, I never wear anything in either.  I took about my belly ring about 5 years ago for a surgery and never put it back in and I can’t wear earrings for long without it hurting.

Funny story about getting my belly button pierced though.  I was living out in CT at the time and when my Sister moved back to WI, I had moved in with 3 other girls I’d never met before but found them through an ad in the newspaper (back when people actually used newspapers for that sort of thing, lol).  I think I’d been there about 6 months and I had really hit it off with one of the girls (now my Best Friend, Tracy).  She’d gone home to New York for the weekend but it was some holiday and we had Monday off.  She called me up on her way back and said she decided she wanted to get her belly button pierced and would I do it too.  I told her I’d go with her but I’d only do it if her’s didn’t hurt that bad.  We went to some tattoo shop in Black Rock (area of Fairfield, CT) and I made her go first.  They wouldn’t let me go back with her so when she came out, I asked if it hurt and she said not too bad.  So I go back and needless to say, it hurt like a bitch.  I come back out and Tracy is almost passed out on the floor from the pain!  We still laugh about it to this day.  We walked around like pregnant women for about a week because we couldn’t bend forward, lol.

I do not have any tatoos and I swore up and down I’d never get one, however, in the last probably 6 months, I’ve been rethinking it.  A HS friend of mine had her Dad’s handwriting tattooed onto her wrist and I thought what a great idea.  I don’t want to be a copy cat, but I would totally love to do that.  My Dad always called me tootsi pop and put that in all the cards he gave me so I would like to get that, along with Love, Dad tattooed.  I’m also thinking about doing a halo or something of the sort with 12/14/14 – 1/8/15 on it.  That’s when we found out we were pregnant and found out that we would be miscarrying.  I’m still thinking about both of them though.  Still not sure.

Day 8

Day 8 is a childhood photo and the story behind it.  I’ll admit I’ve taken the easy way out by looking through my FB pics instead of going to find an actual pic and scanning.  This is only because I’m fighting off a cold and didn’t get much sleep last night so I’m exhausted.


This is me the summer before 9th grade.  That is Carl Olson, one of our instructors at cheerleading camp that summer.  We ALL had HUGE crushes on him.  We even had a little cheer about him that I still remember but it probably wouldn’t be so funny to you all, lol.  Anyways, that’s me and the body I would gladly go back too…not the hair or the clothes, but definitely the body!

Day 7 (A day late)

Sorry I missed posting yesterday!  It was a busy day that I’ll touch more on in a different post.  🙂

Day 7 is my 10 Favorite foods (this should be easy enough, lol).

1.  Sakura Noodles (unfortunately, I only get the real thing once or twice every year or 2, depending if I make it to CT or not).  I do make a version of it at home, but it’s just not the same!

2.  Colony Pizza, again, something I only get once every year or two.  However, Pizza in general is totally on the list!  🙂

3.  Baja chicken sandwich from Quiznos.

4.  Shrimp and crab chimichanga

5.  Dips…Queso, taco dip, chili cheese dip, cowboy caviar, ham and pickle dip…they’re all good, lol.

6.  Cookies ( my favorites to make…chocolate chip, white chocolate macademia nut, pumpkin chocolate chip)

7.  Brownies (especially frosted or with mint chips in them)

8.  Chili…both my Mom’s chili which is more of a stew type than soup.  I’m not a huge fan of soupy chili.  And white chicken chili.  J and I got engaged over white chicken chili at his Sister’s house and we had that and my Mom’m chili for our rehearsal dinner.

9.  Breakfast food…eggs (over easy), bacon (crisp), hash browns, toast, pancakes, omelettes…it’s all good!

10.  My Mom’s pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn.  Her pork chops are always so tender you don’t even need a knife to cut through them…so good!!!!

Not a good post to have to do when I’m trying to start the week out healthy, lol.

Update:  Sorry, but I must add an 11th food and I can’t believe I forgot to put this on my top ten!!!  Fried Cheese Curds…you can’t be a Wisconsinite without this being on the list, lol.

Day 6

This one is a little tougher…3 personality traits that I am proud of.

1.  My desire to help.  Less fortunate people and animals.  As you know, Family Promise is my Sister and I’s baby that we are working to get up and running and I donate money to the ASPCA every month.  We also sponsor a child.  I can’t actually go and work in an animal shelter because I would seriously want to bring every animal home with me!

2.  My big heart…no matter how many times it’s gotten trampled and kicked, I still almost always choose to see the best in people until they prove that I shouldn’t.  I also tend to give too many chances sometimes, but I don’t regret it.  It’s just made me stronger in the end.  Every once in awhile, I’ll meet someone and just not get a good vibe, but for the most part, I’m a very trusting person.

3.  I’m a protector…If you hurt someone I love, I will come out swinging.  I don’t always stand up for myself, but you can guarantee I will for those that I love or who aren’t able to to stand up for themselves.

Not sure if those 3 are all technically personality traits, but they are things I’m proud of.  Now, I just checked and there is not a question in this challenge that asks 3 things I’m not proud of, but for full disclosure, I’m going name a few anyways.

1. My temper…I have a temper and I tend to hold grudges.  The temper I got from my Dad, lol.  It has gotten much better in my old age, but watch out if I’m driving.  J calls it my temperature gauge and even had something about always keeping it down in our wedding vows, lol.

2.  Patience…I am not a patient person.  Now, you may be thinking, you do daycare, you must be patient.  I am NOT…no matter how many times my family and J try telling me I do, I know the truth and I don’t.  I hate waiting and I hate having to repeat myself a million times.  I will say, that infertility has definitely taught me to be more patient, especially on the waiting side of things.

3.  I can be lazy at times.  I rarely FEEL like working out.  And more often than not, if I was given a choice, I’d pick my couch, coffee, books and remote over something else.  I can also be a big procrastinator sometimes.  Not always, but sometimes.

There it is, the ugly truth! 😉

Day 5….Guilty Pleasures

Hmmm….where shall I start?

In no particular order:

-Reality TV (especially this season of “The Bachelor”…Love me some Iowa Farmer!)

-Harlequin romances (it used to be the really trashy kind, but now I read the Love Inspired series)

-Junk food (especially baked goods with my morning coffee)

-Gossip magazines (US Weekly, People)

-Cheesy romantic comedies

There’s probably more, but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.  I can’t wait to read what other people’s answers are for this one.  It’ll probably spark some more on my part, lol.