7 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along?:  7 weeks

Total Weight Gain:  Alright, the morning after we found out I was pregnant, I got on the scale.  It’s not a true before pregnancy wait since I was already pregnant, but it’s the best I got.  I was up 1 lb last week and I stayed the same weight for this week.

Maternity Clothes?   I did wear a pair on New Year’s Day for Christmas with my Dad’s side.  They just had stretchy panels on the side and were in that bag of clothes I got.  There was a ton of stuff in there for both winter and summer.  Well worth the $30 I spent!

Crazy Stretch Marks?   Nope and hoping to keep them away through essential oils but need to research it more.

Sleep?  I think I slept in til 8am all of 3 times on my 12 days off.  I still have insomnia sometimes and wake up a lot to pee.  It actually freaked me out last night when I slept from midnight-6am without getting up to pee (at least I don’t remember getting up, lol).

Best Moment This Week?  Seeing my Sister Becky and her family for Christmas and also my Dad’s Brother and his family.  We only see them once every year at most and usually it’s every other year.  It was nice to share the news with them, but they are a whole other post.

Movement:  Way to early.

Food Cravings:  Dips and salty things.  Normally, I’m totally a sweets person but not right now.  I don’t know if it’s because I gave up my coffee (it’s half reg/half decaf) until we get confirmation this is a viable pregnancy or if it’s a pregnancy thing.

Anything making you queasy?  I did not love the smell of the venison cooking the other night and last night I made shrimp quesidilla’s and after the 4th piece, my stomach was rolling and I couldn’t finish it.

Baby Bump:  Well, I already looked 3-4 mo. pregnant before getting pregnant so, just my non baby bump, lol.

Gender Prediction:  J thinks it’s going to be a girl.  So does my Mom’s co-worker who was the one that told Mom someone in the family is pregnant after Mom had that dream about my Grandma.

Labor Signs:  Nope and they can stay away for the next 33 weeks!

Belly Button In Or Out:  In and kind of hoping it stays that way.

Wedding Rings on or off:  Both…My wedding/engagement ring always gets tight in the Winter due to fingers swelling but J bought me a new band for Christmas.  I have a feeling it won’t fit the whole pregnancy, but for now it works.  🙂

Happy or Moody:  Both…pregnancy hormones have definitely hit and I cry even more easily then normal.  I’m super happy that this has happened but also still a nervous wreck.

Looking forward to:  2nd ultrasound on Thursday.  Hoping it gives us some good answers!

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