Frustrated….Very Frustrated!!!!

Ladies, I am so dang frustrated with this whole miscarrying thing.  It’s bad enough that it has to happen at all, but my body doesn’t seem to know if it wants to go through with it or not.

I had some light bleeding over the weekend, only once did I have a lot on a panty liner and then it went away again.  Sunday night, I finally started getting some contraction type cramping so I thought, “Here we go”.  Texted all my daycare parents to let them know I was taking Monday off and took some ibprofren.  Fell asleep and everything just went away.  I had some slight cramping yesterday morning, but otherwise, totally wasted a day off because I was fine the rest of the day.

I can’t keep taking days off and then having nothing happen so I texted all the parents last night and said I’d be open today unless I was in excruciating pain my this morning.  I hate not being able to give them a better heads up to arrange things on their end.  Then, about 9pm last night the contraction like cramps started in again lasting a lot longer and definitely more severe in pain.  I also had more bleeding yesterday with some clots on the toilet paper but still not soaking any pads or anything.  In fact, most of the day I just had a panty liner on.  Took tylenol and sometime after 10pm, it settled down enough for me to fall asleep and now again today, not much of anything.

I left a message for my favorite nurse to see if this is normal.  Hopefully she will call back soon.  Does anyone else have experience with just letting this happen naturally?  How did it go for you?  I haven’t seen any grey tissue like they said I would see’, but I am a little nervous because  it turns out I’m RH negative and need to have a shot within 72 hours of miscarrying.  I just wish my body would take care of this so I can start recovering from this whole thing.  I feel like the grieving process isn’t even really going to start until I go through the physical miscarriage.

Anyways, if anyone has any advice for me on this whole thing, I will take it!

Lots of Love~Dawn


18 thoughts on “Frustrated….Very Frustrated!!!!

  1. In my experience, what you are experiencing is “normal”. Unfortunately my body also never got the message on hoe to naturally miscarry in an efficient way. Even with the misoprostol my body miscarried slowly and annoyingly. One of mine took 29 days and I never did pass much grey/white tissue, evidently it broke down inside my body and came out as red clots. It made me think I couldn’t even miscarry properaly, but I’m pretty sure it happens this way more then we realize. It’s frustrating and miserable to go through a long drawn out miscarriage, and I’m sorry you are stuck in the middle of it.

  2. In my experience, it was just a one shot, “BAM” deal. One day of severe cramping and bleeding with clots, then two or three days of “just bleeding”. I have no advice for your particular situation, other than to wait for your nurse’s callback. I can only offer a virtual hug. *hug*

  3. Very normal if I recall my experience. I started bleeding on a Sunday on and off. Took about a whole week for me to even pass the babies. U will know because that pain is excruciating, at least for me it was and I was at work. After that it felt like a normal period.

  4. With my first I had a missed miscarriage and had a d&c. The second time however, I started light bright red spotting like on a wed and didn’t actually miscarry until Saturday afternoon. I had been cramping about a week before I started spotting, but the pain became excruciating the closer I got to the actual miscarriage and even for about 3 days after I had to lay down a lot because the cramps were still so bad. It was hard to be off work, I understand your frustration there! Just try to keep in mind that you are not to blame for any of this including how long it takes. For anyone who has been there, they know it’s unpredictable. Try not to add guilt for taking off on top of all the other emotions your dealing with too!

    Also, just be prepared for if any milk comes in. I had no idea this was even possible in a first trimester miscarriage and it took me completely by surprise and made me really upset! Hugs and prayers to you mama!

    • Thank you so much! Wow, yeah, I didn’t even think about milk coming in. The hard thing with work is that I run an in home daycare so if I take off, the parents usually have to too and I just had 12 days off for Christmas vacation.

  5. With mine, I had several days of lighter/medium bleeding, and then a day or two of heavy bleeding where I passed lots of tissue and clots. So I think you are normal.

  6. I tried for a natural miscarriage after I found out but ended up needing cytotec. It worked. I’m sorry you’re going through this. It really is trying.

  7. What you are experiencing is ‘normal’, I agree with the other girls who commented. With my first two miscarriages they started out as spotting on and off (no sac was visible on US), so a bit different, but then it got heavier like a heavy AF. When I took cytotec to induce miscarriage though, with the 4th miscarriage, I knew I passed the sac. I was afraid I would miss it, or I wouldn’t know, but I knew for sure- no question about it. It looks different than just clotting- different color and consistency (TMI- sorry, but I think it’s good to know). Most importantly, I know this is so tough right now, but you’ll make it through. Grieving IS hard right now. You’re in a tough spot between wishing it was over and wishing you could still be pregnant with a healthy baby. Isn’t that terrible? To wish for your pregnancy to pass, but to be so angry it is? I found that some of the most complicated feelings I felt were when I was waiting to miscarry. The unknown is scary. I’m sorry you’re going through this. If you have any questions or anything please email me at I’m here if you need me. Hugs.

    • That is exactly how it feels with the wishing! Thank you for the info! I hate that you all know what’s normal but I’m also Thankful for it since the nurse of course called the one time I went into the bathroom without my phone and the clinic was already closed so I couldn’t call back.

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