These Arrived Today….

IMG_3874 A Beautiful card with a Hope stone from my Best Friend in CT!

And…..our Adoption paperwork!!!!! IMG_3875

I haven’t had a chance to go through it yet…but I’m very excited to start going over it!  Here’s to the craziness beginning!!!!


8 thoughts on “These Arrived Today….

    • Slightly?! I can’t believe how much stuff there is and the fact that I do in home daycare and am not licensed at the moment just adds to the overwhelming feeling. It looks like we need to do background checks with 3 different agencies, plus the FBI fingerprinting. Oh my goodness…this is going to take some major organization and a lot of time!!!

      • We had the background checks too. I suggest finding a fee hours where you can go to each place together to fill out the specific paperwork – we did this first because some took 6 weeks to return to us and we couldn’t go forward without their approvals.
        Then, if you have to do paperwork about you guys (we had 59+ pages), we went out for a long lunch at a quiet restaurant with no distractions and just plowed through it together. Forced concentration worked really well for us.

    • The background check paperwork doesn’t get to come back to us. We send it in with an addressed envelope back to the adoption agency. Did you have to answer your questions as a couple? We have a huge list, but we each have to answer separately. The long lunch sounds like a great idea!

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