Day 6

This one is a little tougher…3 personality traits that I am proud of.

1.  My desire to help.  Less fortunate people and animals.  As you know, Family Promise is my Sister and I’s baby that we are working to get up and running and I donate money to the ASPCA every month.  We also sponsor a child.  I can’t actually go and work in an animal shelter because I would seriously want to bring every animal home with me!

2.  My big heart…no matter how many times it’s gotten trampled and kicked, I still almost always choose to see the best in people until they prove that I shouldn’t.  I also tend to give too many chances sometimes, but I don’t regret it.  It’s just made me stronger in the end.  Every once in awhile, I’ll meet someone and just not get a good vibe, but for the most part, I’m a very trusting person.

3.  I’m a protector…If you hurt someone I love, I will come out swinging.  I don’t always stand up for myself, but you can guarantee I will for those that I love or who aren’t able to to stand up for themselves.

Not sure if those 3 are all technically personality traits, but they are things I’m proud of.  Now, I just checked and there is not a question in this challenge that asks 3 things I’m not proud of, but for full disclosure, I’m going name a few anyways.

1. My temper…I have a temper and I tend to hold grudges.  The temper I got from my Dad, lol.  It has gotten much better in my old age, but watch out if I’m driving.  J calls it my temperature gauge and even had something about always keeping it down in our wedding vows, lol.

2.  Patience…I am not a patient person.  Now, you may be thinking, you do daycare, you must be patient.  I am NOT…no matter how many times my family and J try telling me I do, I know the truth and I don’t.  I hate waiting and I hate having to repeat myself a million times.  I will say, that infertility has definitely taught me to be more patient, especially on the waiting side of things.

3.  I can be lazy at times.  I rarely FEEL like working out.  And more often than not, if I was given a choice, I’d pick my couch, coffee, books and remote over something else.  I can also be a big procrastinator sometimes.  Not always, but sometimes.

There it is, the ugly truth! 😉

12 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Holy crap we have a lot in common! Omg do not mess with those close to me, I will have words. All three not so good traits, yes, I have those too. My temper is easily turned on and I got it from my dad also. Iowa drivers make me angry! They all think they should drive in the left lane. What is patience? Haha!

  2. You and I have so much in common – I would probably lost the same 3 traits that you are proud of.
    And patience is definitely lost on me!! Which is making the whole adoption thing very challenging for me right now! 🙂

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