Day 9

Piercings and Tatoos!

I have my ears and belly button pierced.  However, I never wear anything in either.  I took about my belly ring about 5 years ago for a surgery and never put it back in and I can’t wear earrings for long without it hurting.

Funny story about getting my belly button pierced though.  I was living out in CT at the time and when my Sister moved back to WI, I had moved in with 3 other girls I’d never met before but found them through an ad in the newspaper (back when people actually used newspapers for that sort of thing, lol).  I think I’d been there about 6 months and I had really hit it off with one of the girls (now my Best Friend, Tracy).  She’d gone home to New York for the weekend but it was some holiday and we had Monday off.  She called me up on her way back and said she decided she wanted to get her belly button pierced and would I do it too.  I told her I’d go with her but I’d only do it if her’s didn’t hurt that bad.  We went to some tattoo shop in Black Rock (area of Fairfield, CT) and I made her go first.  They wouldn’t let me go back with her so when she came out, I asked if it hurt and she said not too bad.  So I go back and needless to say, it hurt like a bitch.  I come back out and Tracy is almost passed out on the floor from the pain!  We still laugh about it to this day.  We walked around like pregnant women for about a week because we couldn’t bend forward, lol.

I do not have any tatoos and I swore up and down I’d never get one, however, in the last probably 6 months, I’ve been rethinking it.  A HS friend of mine had her Dad’s handwriting tattooed onto her wrist and I thought what a great idea.  I don’t want to be a copy cat, but I would totally love to do that.  My Dad always called me tootsi pop and put that in all the cards he gave me so I would like to get that, along with Love, Dad tattooed.  I’m also thinking about doing a halo or something of the sort with 12/14/14 – 1/8/15 on it.  That’s when we found out we were pregnant and found out that we would be miscarrying.  I’m still thinking about both of them though.  Still not sure.

6 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. I love the tattoo idea of the handwriting. I’ve always said if I could come up with a good tattoo in memory of my mom and sister (and now our lost babies), I would get one. But so far, I have no ideas that I like enough to permanently put on my body.

  2. I’m also the type that can’t wear earrings for a long time ory earlobe hurts. I can only wear gold earrings in order to avoid the pain. U are brave for getting a piercing, I always thank my mom for piercing my ears when I was small or else I wouldn’t of done it lol

    • Lol, I had to get my ears pierced twice because I let them close up the first time. I hate pain so I’m amazed myself. If Tracy hadn’t lied to me about how much it hurt (lol), I never would have done the belly button and now I wish I hadn’t because I have a hole above my belly button that’s never going to close up.

  3. I barely ever wear earrings either. I will be go about remembering to put them in for a few days, then I just forget because I am always rushing in the morning. and I usually end up taking them out before the day is over bc my ears hurt!

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