Day 11

If I won the lottery….I would totally do a happy dance!  🙂

Then, I would pay off all our debt, all our Parent’s debt and all of our sibling’s houses.

I would fund Family Promise for the first year.

I would set up a foundation to help those with infertility pay for treatments or adopt.

I would go on a cruise.

I would visit Europe, more specifically Greece and Italy.

I would visit Australia and Hawaii.

I would take the summer off and J, Rocky and I would rent an RV and road trip all over the US for the summer.

I would add on to our house and update everything the way I want it.

I would not stress about the financial side of adoption.

I might quit working so that I can volunteer more and go on mission trips.  I might feel too guilty to quit though, lol.

I would donate to an organization to help abandoned/abused animals.

I would buy a cabin on the lake in Door County.


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