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Who’s going to be the lucky 100th follower of my Dear Friend at “One day at a Time”?

One Day At A Time

Holy crap – one away from 100 followers.  How crazy is that?  I started this blog just to release some frustration with my infertility journey and it has become so much more.

I have met so many wonderful people on here and love the friendships I’ve made.  It’s been an amazing experience to share BFP’s, pregnancy and birth stories with so many of you!  I’m pretty sure I check wordpress more than facebook anymore to read everyone’s updates!

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I’ve tried unsubscribing to the BabyCenter emails but it’s clearly not working since they kindly just reminded me I should be 14 weeks and starting my registry.  Thank you BabyCenter for reminding me I’m not pregnant but would be in my 2nd trimester if I hadn’t miscarried.  I appreciate it!

On a happier note, I am pretty much all packed up for Colorado.  I got the kitchen cleaned and mopped while the kids are sleeping so I don’t have to do it when we get back late Sunday night.  Just waiting for the kids to get picked up and J to get home from basketball practice and we are out of here!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I promise I finish up my last 2 days of the blogging challenge next week.  🙂

Lots of Love~Dawn


I have actual CM….now that probably doesn’t seem like a miracle to most of you…but my body very rarely produces CM on it’s own.  I had some yesterday morning, which happens once in a blue moon but then it’s done…just now, I had more!!!  I don’t know what’s going on but I like it and I will be attacking my husband tonight!  🙂

Days 28 & 29

Do I have regret?

Sure…there’s some things I regret, but if I changed them, would I have ended up in the same place I am right now?  I love where I am right now and I am totally in love with my husband so I can’t regret what brought me to him and what has made me the person I am today.

Do I collect anything?

Young Living products, lol.  That’s about it at the moment!  I used to be a big collector of things, especially in my childhood.  Rocking horses and piggy banks when I was a teenager.  Shot glasses  and children’s books as an adult.  I have now gotten rid of almost everything in my collections except for my children’s books.  I still have all of those and with daycare, that collection came in handy.  🙂


Okay guys…I totally got stuck on Day 26 of the Blogging challenge.

What quote do I live by?  Honestly, I don’t.  And why I didn’t just write that a good 5 or 6 or 7 days ago when I hit that question, I have no idea!

I hear quotes and I think they’re great, but there’s not really one I keep in mind to live my life by.  At this point in my life, I just try to be kind, help people who need it when I can, and keep the drama out.

So there we go…I can finally move on from Day 26.

Day 27:  10 people I would have to dinner and Why?  And the dinner menu.

My Dad, Uncle Ray, Davage Mariage (my old boss…he thought every one’s middle name was Marie and he always called me Dawnage Mariage so I started called him it back with his name, God I miss that man!), both sets of Grandparents, Barack Obama, My Mom, and My Aunt Dolly.   I would invite the first 7 because they’ve all passed and I would love to see them again. I would invite Barack Obama because I think he’s an Amazing President who’s done the best he can with a congress that can’t get along.  I would invite my Mom and Aunt Dolly so they could see those that have passed again.  🙂

Our Dinner Menu:   My Mom’s pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and dinner rolls.

I will continue you on with rest of the challenge tomorrow.  🙂  Have a great weekend!!!


Quick Update

I just sent J off to the adoption agency with a bunch of paperwork and our initial fee (the smallest one, lol)!  There’s still a ton of paperwork left to do, but a little weight has been lifted for now.  We’re heading to Colorado next weekend and it’s a 12 hour drive so I’m hoping to work on all the questions we have to answer then.  Hopefully, typing our answers on the computer won’t give me car sickness like reading does!

Oh, and I swear I’ll get back to answering the blogging challenge questions soon, lol.

For those who believe in the power of Prayer.

Please send prayers and good energy out to Hayley’s SIL, Karie! She’s had a huge battle to deal with and much more to come!!!

Where's my two pink lines??

This evening my post will have nothing to do with my struggle to become a mommy. Although failing to conceive the last 13 months has been stressful for my husband and I, there is something far more heavy weighing on our hearts. {Cancer}


August 14, 2014 – My sister in law (Brad’s only sibling) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Completely out of the blue .. it started out as a pain in her back and hip, she simply thought she had hurt/strained something excercising. Fast forward through the next few weeks; multiple doctors/chiropractor visits and x-rays, no one could seem to find the cause, then came the two MRIs. The result was nothing we could ever fathom, a seemingly healthy 31 year old woman with Breast Cancer, later we would find out stage 4. The pain she was experiencing was due to cancer in her bones; her spine…

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Finished Product

Ladies…it was a weekend full of nerves, stress and tension.  That’s what taxes do to us as a couple, lol.  However, we got them finished late Saturday night and between the 2, we are getting $2300 back (Thank God for medical expenses!).  That is almost enough for the home study fee!!! 🙂  Sunday was spent getting the house all rearranged and then going to my first night of Leadership bootcamp for Young Living (so fun)!  Here is the finished product for the house.  🙂

This was the playroom...it is now officially back to our living room and I don't have to take toys out of it every Friday evening!  Yay!!!

   This was the playroom…it is now officially back to our living room and I don’t have to take toys out of it every Friday evening! Yay!!!

This was the sleeping room and is now our playroom except for one crib.  I have a kiddo that doesn't sleep as well as the others...and I couldn't fit 4 cribs in the new sleeping room, lol.

This was the sleeping room and is now our playroom except for one crib. I have a kiddo that doesn’t sleep as well as the others…and I couldn’t fit 4 cribs in the new sleeping room, lol.

More of the playroom with the changing table in the closet so they can't mess with it and I don't have to leave the room to change diapers.  Love this aspect!!!

More of the playroom with the changing table in the closet so they can’t mess with it and I don’t have to leave the room to change diapers. Love this aspect!!!

The sleeping room.  :)

The sleeping room. 🙂

And a bonus pic of our cute pup!!  :)  He loves that this chair is back in the living room!

And a bonus pic of our cute pup!! 🙂 He loves that this chair is back in the living room!

I know I am also way behind on the blogging challenge.  I will try to get caught up tonight.  Also, a fun (totally being sarcastic) message appeared Monday morning in my fb inbox that may require a protected post this week.  Hope all is well and you all are staying warm!!!

Lots of Love~Dawn

What Have I Been Up To…

I know that other then the blog challenge and the news about A, I really haven’t written any posts about what’s been actually happening in my life. (Turns out the post is super long…sorry!!!)

If you read my protected post, you know there’s been drama on J’s side of the family and it continued last week from a different source, but I’m trying really hard to not let it bug me and to let it go.  Does anyone else have conversations in their heads with the person that’s pissing them off?  I hate confrontation, so I don’t usually say anything when these things come up…but I do have conversations with these people in my head like 3 times a day til I’m over it, lol.

This past Monday, J and I went out and celebrated Valentine’s Day so we didn’t have to deal with crowds today.  J found out that a theater in a town about 20 min away does $5 movie night on Mondays and they give you a free bag of popcorn too.  So for $13.50 we each got a ticket to see “American Sniper”, a popcorn, and we shared a soda.  The movie was amazing and heartbreaking and if you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to (as long as you haven’t actually been to war).  If you (or your SO) have been to war, and you (they) suffer from PTSD, you may one to either skip it or wait until it’s out on DVD.  After the movie, we headed to Outback because I had a 15% off coupon and I LOVE me a bloomin’ onion and their steak and lobster! 🙂  It was a good night and definitely needed.  J is in his last month of coaching for the school year (YAY!!!) but they have 2 games a week so he’s often not home until 7-7:30.  He also has a student teacher this semester so up until the last few days this week, he’s only been home for about 15-20 minutes for lunch and that is not nearly enough adult time for me during the day, lol.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but the 3 yr old and 4 mo old that I was thinking that I might have to let go, ended up leaving on their own.  It’ll be two weeks ago on Monday that I ended up with the stomach flu.  I let the parents know I was pretty sure I had come down with it but told them I would be staying open because so many of them and their kids had been out sick that I knew taking yet another day off would be tough for them.  3 families chose to still come and the other 2 didn’t.  One of them was that family.  I got a text from the Dad saying he was keeping them home and to please call him when I had the other kids down for a nap.  I knew right then that whatever it was, it probably wasn’t good.  Sure enough…the conversation basically left me feeling like I was rotten care provider even though I knew half of what he said was bull shit.  He basically said that there was too much inconsistency and it was making the 3 yr old act out at home and that they couldn’t keep taking time off of work.  That part, just really pissed me off.  There has only been 2 days that they weren’t here because of me and that was the Monday when I thought the miscarriage was starting and I closed for everyone and then that Thursday when the miscarriage was occurring and J stayed home in the morning to take care of the kids and I thought adding a baby would be too much for him and I asked them to stay home.  Otherwise, all the other days (which was pretty much a full week) was because one of their kids was sick.  Also, I’m here from 7am-5:30pm every day and yet they were bringing their kids at all different times every day so any inconsistency was on their part, not mine.  He wanted to only give a weeks notice and I told him no way, he’d give me the notice that is in my contract (which is 3 weeks).  Of course, I’m feeling awful from the flu and then this so I was on the phone with my Mom bawling after I got off the phone with him.  Later that night, his wife texted me and said she had just spoke with him and wasn’t comfortable with how the conversation was left and could I call her.  I was dreading it and J didn’t want me all upset again right before bed so I just texted her back and asked if we could talk the next day.  We spoke the next morning and it turned out that they had the 3 yr old on a wait list for a small center in the town they live in for the past year and a half and they had called the Friday before to say they had a spot for him and also the baby and they’d like to fill it with just one family.  All he was supposed to ask me is what I thought about it and what I thought was going to happen with getting licensed and adoption (that is not how the conversation went….AT ALL!!!!).  I told her that I completely understand if she wanted to pull the 3 yr old because my concern when she initially contacted me about care was that he would be my only older child and I am not doing curriculum with the kids yet because they are too young.  I said I didn’t think licensing would be a problem if she wanted the baby to stay with me.  They ended up pulling both.  She came that afternoon and dropped off a check for their notice and picked up the kids stuff.  It was the weirdest thing.  Honestly, except for losing out on close to $1200 a month that was going to start going into savings, I am so less stressed now that they are gone.  All in all, it worked out for the best.

Last weekend, we all started working on taxes.  This is a complicated process for us because of my businesses and always a source for of contention for J and I.   He always wants to do them on our own (I gave in last year) and I want to use a professional.  I finally got so annoyed with him about it last night that I said “Fine, you do them but if we get audited, you’re dealing with it and if we end up owing them money because of it…you’re figuring out how to pay it.”  I have 3 different businesses to figure out and I’m not the best record keeper through the year (huge fault of mine and one I need to work on).  We have medical expenses to figure out this year, our rental house, and the money that I took out of my Roth IRA to help pay off medical bills.  It’s a big undertaking and puts a lot of stress on both of us.

Here’s our project this weekend:

DSC_0352 DSC_0353 DSC_0355

This is what the sleeping room (the sheets divide the room so they can’t see each other when it’s time to nap.  There’s 2 more pack and plays that you can’t see.), the office (and changing room) and our living room typically look like during the week.  We are moving the daycare back to the sleeping room, the pack and plays into the office and the desk will go out to the living room.  I think taking away the things the kids are not supposed to do within will make better days for all of us.  I will post pictures when we get it all done.  Hopefully by tomorrow night.

Also, in the middle of the post, I stopped and went with J to meet a friend of his from hs that was in town for coffee.  It turns out that she’s an acupunturist and knows a ton about eastern medicine and herbs and what not.  She also uses Young Living oils which is AWESOME! 🙂  Anyways, she gave us a ton of information so when I post the after pics, I will let you know what she told us.  I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend…I am off to get started on the dreaded office!

Lots of love~Dawn