A Little Behind…

Hi Ladies…Superbowl and the stomach flu have caused me to get a little behind on the challenge so I’m going to catch up quick now.

Day 14:  A day in the life of me.

Well, it’s not very exciting so get ready to be bored, lol.

5:45/6am -7am Get up and shower if I didn’t the night before, brush my teeth, was my face, get dressed and go out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.  About a week ago, I started Joyce Meyer’s 30/30 challenge which is spending 30 minutes a day in His word for 30 days so I spend time reading my Bible and writing down what I feel it means or what I get out of what I’m reading.

7am- Kiddos start showing up.  We have breakfast around 7:30/7:45am and then play until about 9:30-10am when we have morning snack.  Play some more and have lunch around 11:30am.  Kiddos go down for naps between 12:30-1pm and sleep til about 3pm.  Get up, have snack, and play until parents pick up.  During nap time, which I will be getting back now because that other family left (whole other blog post), I eat lunch, clean up from the morning’s play, check fb, email, blog reader, work on stuff for Young Living, Family Promise, and soon Thirty One, and relax a little.

5:30pm- all the kiddos have been picked up.  I clean up whatever toys are still out and breath a sigh of relief, lol.  Evenings are spent either on the couch chilling out, at a meeting or class, or running errands.  Dinner time varies daily depending on our schedules.

9-10pm- go to bed at some point in here and watch hgtv for awhile.  🙂

Told you it was exciting! 😉

Day 15:  Dream job when I was 5.

I seriously don’t remember.  Probably a teacher or maybe a nurse like my Mom.

Day 16:  Dream job now that I’m 38.

That’s a great question…something that helps others.  I’ve always thought about being a counselor of some sort.  Most often I think about going back to be a substance abuse counselor.  I think because alcohol is something that effected my family a lot growing up.  My Grandpa died of cirrhosis of the liver when I was in 7th grade and 2 of my uncles were alcoholics.  One still is, and one went to rehab when I was younger and eventually became an AODA counselor.  He was my very favorite Uncle and I really looked up to him.  He was my protector but he unfortunately died unexpectedly in August 2009.  We knew his heart wasn’t great, but weren’t expecting him to collapse and die either.  J’s family is also full of alcoholics and drug abuse.

I will try to get another post written soon and catch you all up on what’s going on in my life.

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