Day 18

What am I afraid of?  Oh so many things, lol.

1.  I’m afraid of being match with a Birth Mom/Family and they change their minds.

2.  Losing my Mom, Sisters, Aunt D, Nieces and Nephews, or J (anyone close to me really).  I’ve lost all the Men in my life that I was really close with, all in their mid 60’s and all within 4 years of each other (my Uncle and my Dad just under a year apart).

3.  Loud noises.  This is seriously a huge issue for me and used to be on the level of phobia.  I have gotten better in my old age but to this day, if thunder starts cracking, I go and get my Dad’s gun muffs and put them on.  Same thing with fireworks if we’re sitting fairly close to them.  I hate, hate, hate balloons and immediately get nervous around guns even if they’re supposedly not loaded.

4.  Fire.  Since I was a young girl, I have feared being in a fire.  I don’t know why, but it makes me seriously nervous and I HATE it when J stokes the fireplace right before we leave the house or go to bed.

Okay, I think those are the four major things, but I’m a worry wart and a scaredy cat so I’m sure there are more little things, lol.


8 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. I really hate balloons when I know someone is going to pop them. Innocuous balloons, just sitting there and being balloon-y don’t bother me, but if I’m afraid someone is blowing one up too big, or if someone is squeezing it to pop I have to leave. I can’t stand being startled, even if I see it coming.

    • Oh yes, I totally agree. When I was a nanny, the Mom always used to buy a ton of latex balloons for the kids birthday parties (all in June) and of course, I always had to be the one to go get them. Sometimes it would be so hot that they’d start popping when I left the air conditioned store. I think that was one of my least favorite things about the job, lol.

  2. I hate loud noises. I don’t necessarily get scared, but it does give me anxiety….especially the vacuum, balloons popping, the microwave ding, my alarm clock. I actually have a thing with certain noises in general I think because I also hate the sound of my cell phone vibrating/ringing.

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