Days 19 & 20

What are some of my worst habits?

Hmmm…..I’m going to ask my husband this, lol.

1.  Procrastinating (says hubby, I don’t procrastinate, lol)/

2.  Road Rage (although J usually finds this a little humorous)

3.  Worrying

4.  I can justify anything.

5.  I hold grudges.

Where do I see myself in 10 years?

Hmmm….Still married to J and hopefully with at least a couple of kiddos.  Chauffeuring my children to sports and dance classes or music lessons, depending on their interests.  Healthy and enjoying life.  Traveling still and watching my nieces and nephews starting lives of their own.  I’m sure I will still be doing daycare unless they suddenly decide to start paying teacher’s what they are worth in this country and then maybe I’ll get to be a SAHM.


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