Prayers Please!

Friends~ I am coming to you to ask for prayers for my sweet little cousin.  She is 9 yrs old and was a premie baby.  She has cerebral palsy and has shunts in her body that were put in when she was born.  Some kind of infection is attacking her body and they cannot figure out what is causing it for sure.  She is at UW Children’s Hospital in Madison and is being moved back to ICU…she’s in surgery right now.  Please friends, pray for our sweet little A.  Please pray for healing, for the Dr.’s who are working on her and for her and her family to find strength, comfort and peace to get through this.

Thank you~Dawn


15 thoughts on “Prayers Please!

  1. Both of my brother-in-laws have CP. They are some of the strongest people I know, and I am sure the same goes for your cousin! Sending thoughts and prayers and lots of love her way!

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