Day 25

What is something I always think “What If” about?

Honestly, I often think, “What if I’d stayed a virgin til I was married?  What if I had cherished my own body a little more throughout my 20’s instead of using it hoping to find someone who would love me?  Would I be dealing with infertility if I had?”.

Honestly, more than likely I would be now that I know the horrible, painful, 3 week long periods that started when I was 15 was endometriosis.  Also, all those experiences made me the strong person I am today and I like that person (most of the time).  And if I had changed something in my past, would I have met J?  Although I often think what if, and sometimes regret my past, I wouldn’t change a bit of it because it let me back home and it led me to J and for that, I am Blessed and grateful!

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