For those who believe in the power of Prayer.

Please send prayers and good energy out to Hayley’s SIL, Karie! She’s had a huge battle to deal with and much more to come!!!

Where's my two pink lines??

This evening my post will have nothing to do with my struggle to become a mommy. Although failing to conceive the last 13 months has been stressful for my husband and I, there is something far more heavy weighing on our hearts. {Cancer}


August 14, 2014 – My sister in law (Brad’s only sibling) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Completely out of the blue .. it started out as a pain in her back and hip, she simply thought she had hurt/strained something excercising. Fast forward through the next few weeks; multiple doctors/chiropractor visits and x-rays, no one could seem to find the cause, then came the two MRIs. The result was nothing we could ever fathom, a seemingly healthy 31 year old woman with Breast Cancer, later we would find out stage 4. The pain she was experiencing was due to cancer in her bones; her spine…

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