Okay guys…I totally got stuck on Day 26 of the Blogging challenge.

What quote do I live by?  Honestly, I don’t.  And why I didn’t just write that a good 5 or 6 or 7 days ago when I hit that question, I have no idea!

I hear quotes and I think they’re great, but there’s not really one I keep in mind to live my life by.  At this point in my life, I just try to be kind, help people who need it when I can, and keep the drama out.

So there we go…I can finally move on from Day 26.

Day 27:  10 people I would have to dinner and Why?  And the dinner menu.

My Dad, Uncle Ray, Davage Mariage (my old boss…he thought every one’s middle name was Marie and he always called me Dawnage Mariage so I started called him it back with his name, God I miss that man!), both sets of Grandparents, Barack Obama, My Mom, and My Aunt Dolly.   I would invite the first 7 because they’ve all passed and I would love to see them again. I would invite Barack Obama because I think he’s an Amazing President who’s done the best he can with a congress that can’t get along.  I would invite my Mom and Aunt Dolly so they could see those that have passed again.  🙂

Our Dinner Menu:   My Mom’s pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and dinner rolls.

I will continue you on with rest of the challenge tomorrow.  🙂  Have a great weekend!!!


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