Days 28 & 29

Do I have regret?

Sure…there’s some things I regret, but if I changed them, would I have ended up in the same place I am right now?  I love where I am right now and I am totally in love with my husband so I can’t regret what brought me to him and what has made me the person I am today.

Do I collect anything?

Young Living products, lol.  That’s about it at the moment!  I used to be a big collector of things, especially in my childhood.  Rocking horses and piggy banks when I was a teenager.  Shot glasses  and children’s books as an adult.  I have now gotten rid of almost everything in my collections except for my children’s books.  I still have all of those and with daycare, that collection came in handy.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Days 28 & 29

  1. haha I used to collect shot glasses in my very early 20s. I kept a few special ones but I have no idea what happened to the rest. im sure I got rid of them in one of my “I have to remove the clutter” phases.

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