Colorado, Adoption Paperwork, and DayCare Licensing, Oh My!

First of all, Colorado and the wedding we went to were beautiful and fun.  Well worth the 28 hours of driving time for the 36 hours we spent in CO.  Quite honestly, even though the wedding was fun ( I knew no one except the bride and groom, best man and J,  but everyone was super welcoming and we met a lot of great people.  Even my introverted self was comfortable pretty much the whole night.) my favorite part of the weekend was the car ride, especially on the way back.  We spent part of it working on adoption questions (still so, so, so many left to answer) and part of it listening to Joyce Meyers podcasts.  J was really getting into them, which I totally love.  We finished off the last part of the drive singing “10000 Reasons” and praying together.  I think that time in the car where we only had each other to focus on is exactly what we needed after a fall and winter full on hunting and coaching football and basketball.  J’s coaching seasons are finally over for the year and he actually comes home after school at about 3:30pm.  I live for March!  I do still have March Madness to get through though.  I won’t truly get my husband back til the Championship game is over, lol.

We spoke with our social worker last week and it looks like they may be waiting til June to do our classes but she said that will not hold us up.  We can still turn in all over stuff and get our books put together without the class.  We still have a ton of paperwork to put together and do and it’s still very overwhelming.

On top of that, we arrived back home Sunday night to find that the information packet for daycare licensing had arrived.  I forgot how much stuff there is that I need to do.  I was just thinking in terms of getting the house ready, forgetting about having have a tb test, get fingerprints on not just me but J and our roommate too.  Plus the background checks on all of us and anyone I use as subs.  Plus we have to do all that for adoption too.  I so do not want to have to be licensed again.  It’s such a pain in the ass and doesn’t do a thing to make my program any better.

Other than that, I’m working on my Young Living business a lot.  I hit Executive rank in November, missed in December, but have hit it again the past couple of months.  I’m working my way towards Silver in hopes of not having to replace my daycare kids as they go off to school eventually or not have to replace them if they leave for some reason.  I also re-signed up for Thirty One to help with adoption costs.  Just as J’s schedule finally slows down, mine will be picking up.

We did decided that I would take 3 weeks off this summer for our West Coast road trip.  We don’t want to have to hurry too much and really be able to enjoy our time out on the road.

I hope all is well with everyone.  I know I haven’t been commenting as much but I have been reading and am almost caught up on everything.

Lots of Love~Dawn


9 thoughts on “Colorado, Adoption Paperwork, and DayCare Licensing, Oh My!

  1. I love that you guys used your time int he car so productively. I love car rides for that reason! And we also always seem to just chat the time away and just reconnect. I am so excited that you guy have decided to take a 3 week road trip this summer, I have no doubt you will have a blast! 🙂
    And I hear you about the adoption paperwork. I am exhausted just thinking about our next paperwork steps…

      • As kids every summer my parents loaded us all in the car and drove across the country to see family, so I’m pretty confident that you’ll still be able to enjoy road-trips with kids! Maybe you’ll just have to stop for more pee breaks. 🙂

  2. YAY for a West Coast Trip! Love to hear that. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Where in Colorado did you go? Thank you so much for the thoughtful package btw. I put it on instagram and tagged you…im not sure if you saw. Glad to see things are progressing with adoption. It does sound like a ton of paperwork! xoxox

    • You’re welcome! I’ll have to check instagram…I kind of suck at using that form of social media, lol. We stopped in Denver, but stayed in Littleton. The wedding was in this cute log cabin there. Can’t wait for the road trip and to hopefully get to meet you, finally! 🙂

  3. Whew girl! You have so much going on but I know you will get through it flawlessly 🙂 and I love the awesome time you and hubs had on the trip! Makes me smile to hear how great you two are together. 🙂

  4. Girl that is a LOT of driving, but so glad you had a good time and had good conversation in the car too! So awesome on hitting executive! wahoo Si6!! You got it girl!

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, I won’t hit it because I missed December. 😦 Oh well, now I won’t be frantic over the next 6 months with everything else we have to do with adoption and licensing.

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