Crazy Life

Ladies…the weekend has been a bit crazy so far!  It’s 6am after daylight savings time, so technically 5am to me.  Which means I’ve technically been awake since 3:30am.  I was only supposed to lose an hour of sleep, not several! 😦

So, my birthday ended up being pretty decent.  I only had 3 kiddos for daycare and I got to see my Mom and Sister briefly.  Mom came and did daycare for me while I went to get my license renewed.  Once of daycare Moms stopped by and dropped of M&M peanut butter eggs and they were delicious with my afternoon coffee, lol.  I was done with work shortly after 4:30.  I wasn’t sure we were going to end up doing anything because J came home not feeling with with a cold, but he was a trooper and insisted we go to dinner.  We ended up at the new hibachi restaurant that opened a couple months ago.  Soooooo good!  It’s no Sakura (my most favorite hibachi place out in CT), but it’s the best I’ve had in WI.  After that, I was a very good wife and went with J to the high school basketball game.  It was a playoff game and it was the town we live in now against his hometown.  It was a great game and the the hs where we live took it.  J coached all those boys in middle school so I think it was a pretty proud moment for him.  Last night, they won again to become regional champs.  We ended up missing it because of the craziness that happened yesterday.

If I haven’t mentioned before, it absolutely sucks to have a birthday in March when you’re married to a man who lives and breathes high school and college basketball.  Yesterday, was his college alumni basketball tournament (which ALWAYS falls on my birthday weekend, lucky me).  So we drive about an hour and half a way for him to play in this tournament that he plays in every year.  His team was ahead by about 6 pts. I think with a few minutes left in the game when my husband went down like a ton of bricks.  Y’all….it scared the shit out of me!  Like I ran out onto the court because he was grabbing his leg and rolling back and forth.  I wasn’t sure at first if it was his knee or his ankle or what.  It took a few minutes, but 2 of his teammates helped him up and over the bleachers so we could get his foot elevated.  His achilles has been bugging him lately and he’s sure he’s either partially or completely torn it.  We don’t know which yet, because he’s the most stubborn man in the world and has refused to let me take him to the hospital so far to have it looked at.  Needless to say, that ended our day.  As soon as he got off the court, I ran for my oils (Thank God I had them with me!).  I layered pan away with copaiba over it (a strong anti-inflammatory) and by the time we got him out to the car, he said he could already feel the oils working to help a bit with the pain.

We headed home and ended up stopping in his parent’s town since we had to drive through it.  His Mom met us at Pizza Hut and we got something to eat and more ice since the pack we had from the college was melted.  Here’s what you guys don’t know because I forgot to save the draft when my computer froze up on me and I didn’t feel like re-typing everything.  J and I got in a huge fight with his Mom Tuesday night.  Like HUGE!!!  I have never seen him so pissed off and angry at her and she drives him pretty crazy at least half of the time.  Then he handed the phone off to me because he couldn’t take it anymore and I let her have it about the way she treats him and the way she has treated me.  The drama that originally started all this and has just grown since is all here if you haven’t read my protected post yet.  Just email me if you need the password.  She had texted him a few times since then and she did leave me a vm on my birthday which completely surprised me.  I don’t know if J had told them earlier that it was my birthday on Friday or if they just remembered because I deleted and blocked both my MIL and SIL from my FB so I know they couldn’t see it that way.  I guess they might have been able to see other family members on his side leaving me posts maybe.  Anyways, I did text back that night and Thanked her for the birthday wishes.  So we stop and get him into the restaurant, he can’t put any weight on his left foot without major pain so getting his 6ft self into the restaurant leaning on 5 ft 1 me was a little interesting.  Dinner was good, we stayed away from any serious talk.  She gave me money to go shopping for my birthday so I went around and gave her a hug and just told her I was sorry about the other night but I was really hurt that we had so much fun this past summer camping and boating with them and then she believed that I was talking crap about her (in all actuality, there was much more to it then this and she made that I was talking about her up in her head).  We left on a good note and I will make an effort with her because J’s Grandma has paranoid schizophrenia and J and I both think that his Mom may also have it.  Right now, it’s in a very small way so I’m not sure if it can be classified as the same thing, not sure how it works, but she’s definitely paranoid about a lot of things.

We left and I got him home and set up in the recliner.  Luckily, his klutzy wife had a pair of crutches in the basement so I brought those up and got them adjusted to his height.  I am going to try and convince him to let me take him to the ER today.  I would really rather not have to wait until the week and have to try and get my Mom here so that I can get him to the Dr.  Good thing she retired last week and hasn’t started contracting out yet so at least she’s got the time to come help if we need her.

So that’s the weekend so far.  There is a lot going on with my SIL also but I am going to finish up this post and do a protected post on all of that.  Hit me up for the password if you’d like to read all about the very unwelcome drama she brings to my life.

Lots of Love~Dawn


10 thoughts on “Crazy Life

  1. Oh my, that’s a busy birthday weekend!! I hope you can convince J to get to the hospital – Mr. MPB also refused to go for 3 days when he broke his ankle. Stubborn can be a very annoying trait! 🙂

    • I did finally get him to urgent care yesterday. It is completely torn. 😦 The orthopedist should be calling today or tomorrow to set up an appt. so we can find out his options. And yes, it is such an annoying trait. I had a class last night and he insisted I go but when I got home, instead of finding him resting with his foot up, he was up making dinner and a fire was started and all sorts of things that showed he did way more than he should have been! Grrrr!

    • Thank you…we head to the orthopedist tomorrow to find out his options. He doesn’t want me to come along but I don’t trust him to really tell me what the Dr. says since I know he really doesn’t want to have to have surgery, lol. I will be going with!

      • Mr. MPB didn’t let me go with him and it drove me crazy but I got over it because I was just so happy he finally went to the doctor!
        I hope you will be getting some good news from the orthopedist!

  2. Glad you had a good birthday and were able to make some peace with your MIL. We also had hibachi for my birthday dinner last night – it must be a popular birthday choice!! And I hope your husband decided to go to the ER and get checked out, even if just for your peace of mind.

  3. What a birthday weekend! My birthday is tomorrow, and I agree, we kind of get the shaft due to all sorts of things- March break in particular. I’m glad that you and your MIL kind of made up a bit. It never feels good to have the negativity hanging in the air.

  4. That is a very very crazy weekend. I was thinking about you, but actually managed to stay away from my computer my whole trip to Seattle (until now in the airport bc our flight is delayed by like 3 hours). I hope you had a great day aside from the crazy! xoxo

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