Too Busy!!!

Alright Guys…when I don’t even have time to keep up with your blogs…I’m officially too busy!  I am so way behind on following your stories and I apologize…I should be able to catch up on Tuesday though because I now have the day off and will be sitting in a hospital waiting room while J is in surgery.

Yep, his achilles is completely torn and after much hemming and hawing and going back and forth on his part…he finally realizes that surgery really is his best option to get back to basketball, running and his job as a PE teacher.  Unfortunately, he’s going to have to be off work for at least a week, possibly two.  This is the guy that very rarely (like he has over a year of sick leave built up) calls in sick.  In fact, the secretary at the school (who I absolutely love) didn’t give him  a choice on the week as he was hemming and hawing about that too.  She told him he’s out til the following Tuesday after his surgery and when he talked to his Principal, he agreed with A (the secretary).  They know how J can be and know that he needs this time to recover properly.  Thank goodness it happened now, because their Principal is retiring after this year and the next one might not be so understanding!

So, what else, besides playing nurse, have I been up to?

On Monday night, I went with a friend who is also in the adoption process (they’ve been waiting over 2 years with the agency we’re with 😦 ) to an adoption dinner.  It was about 6 ladies total and the other 4 have already adopted.  One from Ethiopia, one adopted her Grandson and the other 2 adopted through Foster care.  It was a fun night and interesting to hear their stories and experiences.  Tuesday night we had small group, Wednesday…I should have gone to Tomah to do a Family Promise booth but I had come down from a cold (I’d gotten sporadic on my ningxia and thieves…not making that mistake again) and was just exhausted so I just went to the store and the chiropractor and then came home and finally watched “The Bachelor” from Monday night.  Thursday night was our Family birthday party at my Mom’s.  My niece’s bday is 2 days before me and my nephew’s was on Thursday so we always do a joint family party at my Mom’s.  She made a delicious meal and we got some good family time in with them.  Always fun and always makes me happy!  Even my BIL was in a decent mood which is rare, lol.  Friday night, I had my first Thirty One party after re-signing.  I am very happy to say that not only did I make over $250 in commission to go towards adoption for 3 hours of work, but I also earned back the $99 I spent on the kit because of an incentive they are running through today.  You need to have $1000 in sales in your first 30 days and you get a rebate for your kit.  Yesterday, I planned on just being home and getting stuff done, but J wanted to go to our town’s hs basketball game in Eau Claire because they were one game from going to State.  Being that it was at the University and we had no idea how far away he would have to park, he couldn’t go by himself so I ended up taking him.  I dropped him off and had to park about 6 blocks away so it’s a good thing I went with.  Then we had to get right back because I had to help with a fundraiser in Tomah last night.  In my rush to get home, I ended up getting stopped for speeding (oops) but luckily, got off with a warning.  Got home, ended up not having to be at the fundraiser as soon as I thought so I took Rocky for a quick walk before I left.

Today, I should be going to my nephew’s 1st communion party but it’s all the way in Madison (about 2 hrs or so away) and I have class tonight at 5pm and have gotten nothing done around this house!  Plus, I had to finish getting that party entered in the computer.  That’s done, the checkbook is caught up and I have finally written a blog post for this week.  Now to finish some computer work, clean this house, J wants to talk budget (ugh…those never go well) and I need to do my homework for class tonight.  Good thing it’s a little overcast outside so it’s not making me want to be out there enjoying the warmth and sunshine we’ve had the past week!  I hope all is well with you all and know that even though I haven’t gotten caught up with you and do think of you all pretty much daily!

Lots of Love~Dawn

9 thoughts on “Too Busy!!!

  1. Wow! You do sound super busy! I hope the surgery goes well and wish J a speedy recovery. An Achilles tear is pretty much the worst ever as PE teacher! No jumping for a while!

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