And I’m still way behind on my Reading!

It’s official…I need a week off right along with J, just to try and catch up on all my blog and magazine reading, lol.  I did get through about 4 or 5 magazines, but the internet was slow so I didn’t even try reading blogs.

We left for the hospital at 9am yesterday and didn’t get home til’ 6pm.  About 30-45 minutes of that was spent in actual surgery so it was a lot of waiting.  We got home and J’s parents were here.  We ordered some food from a nearby restaurant because it’d been about 24 hours since J had eaten at that point and he was starving.  By the time we ate, I could tell he was ready to sleep again.  Luckily, his parents left shortly after that and I was able to get his next pain pill in him and get him all set up.  We both fell asleep in the living room for awhile but did eventually move to the bed.  He had a rough night.  He was really thirsty and had a sore throat from the tube so he was drinking a lot and in turn, having to get up to go to the bathroom a lot.  He was also in quite a bit of pain.  He had another pain pill at midnight and then ibuprofen at 2am.  He settled down at that point and I was able to get about 4hrs of sleep before I had to get up for work.  I woke him up at 6am for another pain pill and he said he’d been up every hour til 4am but then finally fell into a more solid sleep.  It’s almost 10am now and he’s still in bed.  I doubt he’s slept well though with all the screaming and crying the daycare kids have done already this morning.  I cannot wait for them to get out of this whiny temper tantrum phase they are all in right now!!!

Thank you you for all the positive thoughts and prayers for J!  Please keep them coming for a swift and painless as possible recovery.

Lots of Love~Dawn

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