Dr. Purser

Hi Ladies!

I am so excited to be sharing this video with you today.  This is Dr. Purser who if some of  you remember, I went and saw speak in January in the middle of my miscarriage.  This looks like it is going to be the first video in a 4 part series and it’s on natural options to help with PMS, Endometriosis, and Migraines.  As many of you know, I’m huge on natural options.  🙂  If you have any questions or need/want more information, please contact me at 1lovemyoilylife@gmail.com (I’m trying to be more organized and keep the different aspects of my life in separate emails, lol.).  If I don’t know the answers, I can certainly find them out or even get Dr. Purser’s contact info if he doesn’t give it at the end of the video (I have not had time to watch yet, but will be at nap time!).  🙂


Dr. Dan Purser on PMS, Endometriosis, and Migraines

Lots of Love~Dawn

2 thoughts on “Dr. Purser

  1. You’re welcome! My child care professor had a horrible one a few weeks ago and she has the Young Living premium starter kit. She’d tried all these OTC’s and nothing was touching it. I sent her a message to try stress away or peppermint and within 30 minutes her migraine was completely subsiding. They also have one called M-grain that’s specifically geared towards migraines.

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