Day 31….Finally!

Ok…so, I’m seriously still getting caught up with everyone…how sad is that?  If it comes to my email…I’m caught up with you.  If it just shows up in my reader, I am so not.  It’s another one of those weeks where I have something every night.  Okay, onto finally finishing this challenge!

Day 31:  Put my iPod on shuffle.  What are the first 10 songs and what do they say about me?  Oh boy, lol.

1.  I’m a slave for you~Britney Spears.

Okay, so I went through a Britney phase when I lived in CT and it never went off my iPod.  I do still enjoy some of her songs though, lol.

2.  All the Earth~Parachute Band

Splendor and majesty, Lord!  A great worship song!!!

3.  Autobiography~Ashlee Simpson.

Can you tell I never clean out my iPod.  Once something is on there it stays forever!  Halle was a fan when I nannied for her and we took her and a friend to Ashlee’s concert in NYC.  I do like a few of her songs.  They’re fun with a good beat.

4.  Dream Walkin~Toby Keith

I am a huge Country fan and I love Toby.  We went and saw him when he came to play for the Veterans concert Ft. McCoy puts on each year.  Great concert and it was just a few months before my BIL was deployed so it was pretty touching for all of us.

5.  Let’s Try it Again~NKOTB

I will never be ashamed to have NKOTB on my iPod….always have and always will LOVE them!!!  If I’m in a particularly bad or sad mood…J puts on the NKOTB station on Pandora to cheer me up. 🙂

6.  Tomorrow Morning~Jack Johnson

Love me some Jack!  Got to see him in concert too and it was fantastic.  Would love to go again!

7.  Grease Lightnin’~ Grease Soundtrack

Love this movie!!!

8.  This, Kind Of, Goodbye~Echoing August

This is a band from CT that I knew.  I kind of sort of dated the bass player (he was totally hot, still is, lol).  He is now the bass player for Cassidy Pope if you know who that is (country singer).

9.  You Ain’t Much Fun~Toby Keith

Again.  🙂

10.  Blue Christmas~Blake Shelton

Country again and yes, I have Christmas songs on my iPod all year long but I usually skip over them if they come up after New Year’s and before Thanksgiving, lol.

And there you have it…my sometimes goofy taste in music!  Sorry it took me more like 90 days to complete that 31 day blogging challenge but it was fun to answer those questions.  Maybe I’ll find a different one to do towards the end of the year.  Hope all is well!

Lots of Love~Dawn

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